Extended Validation (EV), SSL Certificate

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Extended Validation (EV), also known as Green Address Bar SSL Certificates, is the highest level authentication. It’s issued after a rigorous verification process. This gives customersĀ confidence when using e-commerce/payment gateway websites. Only EV SSL certificates have a green address bar. These certificates are designed to ensure that online entities are legitimate and meet the highest standards of identity assurance. Extended Validation SSL certificates are subject to rigorous evaluation and detailed documentation checks to verify their authenticity and ownership. The certificate displays a green address bar on the browser to indicate the website’s authenticity. Online purchase of EV SSL certificates is possible through our website.

Certificates with EV SSL

Green Address bar SSL Certificate

  • Reinforce customer confidence by putting your business name in the browser’s address bar.
  • The symbol of trust on the internet is the green bar. It’s a positive signal for all web browsers.
  • All purchases are protected with up to256-bit encryption
  • Your EV SSL certificate investment will increase sales and provide a great return.

Extended Validation SSL certificates can be a great friend for online sellers. An enhanced ranking signal in Google searches and a host of other value-added functions will put your eCommerce business in the top league.

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