Remote Monitoring and Management solutions allow you to connect remotely to the client’s device. Once you have gained access, you will be able to see the screen and take control of the device. Remote access software is designed to allow IT technicians to remotely access the device and provide support. It includes features like file transfer, update management, and activity logs.


Many MSPs now use RMM tools to offer remote support instead of having to do it in person. You are losing out to your competitors if you continue doing the former. Remote support is becoming more common as it reduces travel costs and doesn’t compromise on quality. Remote support also reduces the amount of time required to resolve an issue.

You need remote monitoring and management software that is affordable for Managed IT Providers. Splashtop RMM is available for download.

Why Splashtop is a Good Choice for RMM

Amazing Performance

Splashtop allows you to connect instantly with your client’s IT infrastructure.

Remote Support is easy

Splashtop can check and assist customers’ IT environments as soon as they receive a request. It allows users to access clients’ devices and provide support even if they are not present.

Hassle-free Deployment.

It is easy to install the software on all devices that you wish to support. MSPs have access to the device at any time after it is installed.


Remote support tools can be costly and some even increase in price every year. Splashtop offers the lowest price and no worries about price increases.

Useful Tools

Remote access to your customers’ devices and computers is possible. Once connected, files can be transferred, printed remotely, and you can chat. You can organize users and computers into groups, and manage access permissions.

Premium Features.

Splashtop Premium offers additional features and tools for MSPs such as modifiable alarms, Windows patches, event logs, and remote commands. End-user access can be granted to up to 50 clients, allowing them remote access to their devices.

Remote control functions of some RMM software can be performed by Splashtop technology. Splashtop technology can be used to enable remote access for end-users to their computers. These RMM tools can be integrated into Splashtop.

Datto RMM

Datto RMM uses Splashtop’s high-performance technology to activate its remote controller function. It deploys Splashtop quickly, allowing remote control sessions from its console.

Splashtop SOS can be added to Datto RMM to allow remote access to unmanaged computers or devices. This software is available as a free trial.


Splashtop integrates seamlessly with Splashtop. You can easily access the servers and computers of customers anywhere in the world with just one click. The Atera Platform includes all the Splashtop features that users love and are available to you.


MSPs can easily add Splashtop to Ninja RMM, allowing them to deploy Splashtop agents or launch remote sessions from one console. MSPs can also allow end-users remote access through Splashtop Business Access.

Last Thoughts

Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM) is perhaps the most important tool for MSPs. RMMs can monitor your IT environment and the devices that you support, as well as their health. RMMs can also protect networks and devices, automate tasks and create activity reports. They can also automate alerts, tickets, and alerts.

There are many RMM solutions on the market today. Most, if not all, have a broad range of features. Splashtop provides remote support because several RMM solutions work with Splashtop. Datto, Atera, and Ninja are just a few of the RMM solutions that collaborate with Splashtop. You can download Splashtop RMM online.

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