Your service level agreements (SLAs), are documented to provide assurances to your customers. It also allows you to focus on the things that matter most. An SLA is more than a guideline. It’s a contract. You need to be proactive in managing your SLAs. ITarian’s SLA Managementautomatically prioritizes, tracks, and reports on the information you need to deliver on priorities efficiently by showing you which customer devices are supported, whether technicians are tracking their time correctly when renewals are due, and how much time is left on an agreement.

ITarian SLA management helps you:

  • Automate the management of client contracts and recurring billing, including cloud services, using service agreements.
  • Prioritize tickets based on service-delivery arrangements, establish unique response plans, determine resolution time frames, and use custom calendars or matrices for tracking progress
  • Automated alerts and workflows can help you prevent contract breaches.
  • Send renewal reminders automatically when contracts are close to expiring or when support balances run low

SLA Management Tools: Benefits

Flexibility and customization of agreements

You can modify existing templates, or create client-specific agreements. You can also adjust support rates and billing rates.


Automated integration of alerts into your regular workflow lets you assign first-response target numbers, create a resolution plan with a time limit, and sort all tickets by the next service level event.

Response-time goals management

Analyze key performance indicators (e.g. response time, resolution plan, and final resolution times) to expand your service desk offerings.


You can track the response by tracking it down through service tickets.

Holistic view

You can quickly determine your profitability by being able to view all time entries that have been applied to an agreement.

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