When you upgrade to a new phone like the newest Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ or Huawei P20 or the upcoming Oneplus 6, you’re probably the first thing to update your new Android phone list. Some users would find synchronizing Android contacts is very overwhelming. It can, however, be unimaginably quick and painless. Here are several quick ways to moving contacts from one Android to another. Read on and try it.

Moving Android contacts via Bluetooth or direct Wi-Fi

To pass your contacts via Bluetooth to another Android, make sure Bluetooth is enabled and available on both Android devices. Likewise, you need Wi-Fi direct on your Android phones to send contacts to a new Android phone.

  • Open your old Android device’s Contacts program and press on the Menu button.
  • Select “Import / Export” > select “Pass namecard via” from the pop-up window. Then pick the contacts to be moved. You can also click on the “Select All” option to pass all your contacts.
  • Switch via Bluetooth: Tap “Bluetooth” and pick the device you want the contacts to send. Then approve the request for permission from Bluetooth on the receiving device.
  • Tap on “WiFi Direct” and pick the device to which you want to transfer contacts. Switch via Wi-Fi Direct. Then grant Wi-Fi Direct link permission on the receiving device.

Export Mobile to Phone Contacts with SIM Card

In addition to the above mentioned methods, SIM card is also a good choice to transfer contacts to your new Android phone. You just need to store and restore your Android contacts to the SIM card.

  • Open your former Android “Chat” app and press “More.” Select “Manage contacts” and then “Import / Export” from the pull-down menu. Finally, export your SIM card contacts.
  • Delete your SIM card and put it on the new Android phone.
  • On your new Android phone, repeat Step 1, until you reach the screen “Import / Export,” and then choose “Import from SIM Card.”

Sync Contacts from Android to Android by Gmail

With Gmail, users can easily backup and restore their contacts from Android to Android. It has since become the most widely used way to connect Android to Android contacts.

  • Start your old Android phone “Setup,” and find “Accounts and Sync.” Tap on “Add Profile” and pick “Google.”
  • Sign up for your password in your Gmail account, or you can “Create a new account.”
  • Once you have signed in, click “Edit Contacts” to edit your Gmail account contacts.
  • First, connect your new Android phone to the Gmail account.
  • Tap on your Gmail account in the new phone and click on the “Sync” button. The contacts will be updated with the latest Android after a while.


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