You’d find many results if you searched for Service Desk Plus now. There are both software and companies that provide Service Desk services. ITarian believes that our product is comparable with any other option because:

  • No cost for our product
  • We help automate your¬†ticketing system
  • Customers can quickly submit a ticket
  • Support requests can be tracked, responded to, and managed
  • It can be used to fulfill both internal and client requests


Many people question whether automation is necessary. Many IT professionals are able to see the many benefits of automation with patch management, but it can be hard to see the benefits in the enterprise service desk. It can manage your requests for support or services, as well as help you manage alerts and word orders. Customers must feel they can trust you to take care them. This means you need to keep track of tickets and resolve them promptly.

Our Service Desk Software makes it easy. Our Service Desk Software can help you set up business hours, manage SLAs and order tickets so the most important ones get completed first. You can also separate requests by agent or department so that different departments don’t have the burden of sorting through irrelevant requests.


Customers are your number one priority. Without them, you won’t have customers. Our automated system makes it easy to quickly assist clients who are upset by a problem. You can use your account to report any problems and you will also have access

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