Application Programming Interface (API), can be used to exchange data among different applications or to integrate multiple applications into one program. This interface can be used to integrate with third-party applications or web services that support HTTP protocol. Service Desk software is compatible with many web services and can be used to access them. ITarian believes in simplifying life, which is why we have this option included in our software.


REST and Servlet are the two main types of API. Both functions work the same, except that Servlet allows for submission via an HTTP form, while REST conforms with REST specifications. Both can be combined in your application. You can use the Servlet option:

  • Add new requests
  • View, edit, close, delete, and view all existing requests
  • Add new sites
  • Modify or delete sites
  • Modify, add or delete existing technicians
  • You can add new workstations or servers, update them, and/or add assets

The REST Application Programming Interface is:

  • View, add, close, edit and delete existing and new requests
  • You can add notes to your requests and delete, edit, or view them.
  • Requests can be enhanced with working logs
  • Make new changes
  • Your criteria will be used to determine the import requests

Why it is so helpful

Although our service desk software is designed to simplify your life, it will not work as well if you follow certain protocols. API makes it easy to access the software from any computer or mobile device. It’s easy to make changes quickly, so there aren’t many steps required to add or change one note. Our service desk product is a great tool to automate tasks and make things easier to add or change.

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