Scan And Clean

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  • Click on ‘Tasks > General Tasks > Scan’ > >?Full Scan.
  • An exhaustive scan of your computer will check every file, folder, and drive. External drives and USB are also scanned.
  • Note: You can modify the settings for a quick scan under ‘Settings > Antivirus > ‘Scans. For more information, see Antivirus Configuration Scan Profiles.

Run a Full Computer Scan

  • Click the “Scan” tile on the CCS homepage screen
  • Choose ‘Full Scans’

CCS will check first that your virus database has not been outdated:

  • After any updates have been applied, the scans begin.
CCS will skip files larger than the maximum. CCS will not scan files larger than the maximum size or those that take more time to scan than the maximum. To view these thresholds, click ‘Settings > Antivirus > ‘Scans.
  • You can still keep track of scan progress by using ‘Tasks > Advanced Tasks >’Open task Manager’
  • After the scan is complete, you will see the results of your scan.

Two tabs are available in the results window:

  • Threats Found – The number of files that were scanned and the virus count.
  • You can choose to quarantine, clean up or ignore the threat using the drop-down menu.
  • If you need assistance with these options, please refer to’Infected files ‘.
Note – You won’t see the drop-down menus if “Automatically clean threats” is disabled for full scans under ‘Settings > Antivirus > ‘Scans”. For more information, see Scan Profiles.
  • Skip Files: Files not tested for viruses. These files were skipped by the scanner because they took more than the scan time limit (d Efault = 9 minutes).
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