RMM Agent

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RMM Software for MSP Businesses has three components: web interface, administrator console, and from agents. Let’s take a closer look at the process to understand why the rmm agents are so important.

Let’s first talk briefly about the Web interface component. This software allows you to connect to the World Wide Web through the program. Because no web browser is required to act as a “go-between”, the Web interface simplifies the process. This simplifies and saves time.

Admin Console

This software is used to manage the network’s workstations and servers. It can perform many functions. It can be used for:

  • Defines policies
  • All endpoints are configured and responded to
  • Responses to desk tickets

RMM Agent

Agents act as “data gatherers” and monitor all components of the network. Once installed, the admin console can monitor the network.

Agents must be installed at every point in the network to ensure security and better communication. This applies to all devices, including mobile devices and servers. Agents provide regular information to the admin console regarding status and health. This allows the MSP to know all that is happening in the network at any time.

The RMM software agent allows the MSP to ensure that all software is current. This provides proactive managed services. The client or MSP doesn’t have to submit individual or manual reports about the status of any network component or component.

Network problems

Let’s say one of the computers behaves erratically. The RMM agent sends an alert ticket to the admin console. The RMM agent assigns a priority to the alert ticket if the problem is likely due to unauthorized activity in the network. If so, the issue is addressed immediately. Administrators have the power to prioritize trouble tickets so that the most critical issues get addressed first. This allows the MSP and admin to address most issues before they become serious.

Benefits of the RMM Agent & Admin Console

ITarian can monitor network activities once it has been installed correctly. These benefits are not the only ones that ITarians can enjoy:

  • To save time, alerts are sent immediately. This is done automatically, so staff members don’t have to fill out and submit tickets.
  • Registry cleaning is straightforward
  • File transfers are quick and efficient
  • The rim agent delivers data to you “real-time” thanks to it.
  • No matter where they are, endpoints can be restarted or shut down from the console.
  • RDP – stands for remote desktop protocol. You can quickly and easily access network machines by going to the admin console.
  • The console allows you to view all devices in the network. The rim agent will constantly operate, so any machines that are added or taken out of service will be visible immediately.
  • Multiple processes can be viewed simultaneously. You can monitor the health of your machine, as well as browser extensions, current connections, running processes, and system restore points.
  • Once the rmm agents are installed, it becomes a service. The machine does not need to log in to the service.
  • Advanced Procedure Wizard – This wizard allows you to run your commands chronologically.

ITarians can create policies

After installing the console and the rmm agent, you can create your policies. You can create policies to monitor certain endpoints on the network. This allows you to create a desk ticket and deliver it to the administrator when there is a problem with a machine. You can also set the conditions for ticket creation.

You can include support sessions with endpoint users in your policies. It is easy to do and it takes only a few seconds.


Once you have determined what you need for an endpoint you will need to execute a procedure. The system allows you to set parameters and sequences that will be used on each endpoint. You can select the appropriate procedure from the drop-down list by checking out the “procedure” option.

Get Started With ITarian

Rmm agents are integrated with ITarian MSP Advanced IT Management to simplify the operations of modern MSPs. To learn more, please visit our Introduction for Remote Monitoring and Management Module page. For a live demonstration, you can call (973) 859 40000, ext 3025.

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