Remote Assistance Software

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Nowadays, IT technicians have the option of providing offsite support for their clients’ technical problems. It is no longer necessary to travel to the client’s location for them to solve their technical issues. This increases their productivity and efficiency. This guide will explain remote support software and why it is important to have one.

What is Remote Support Software?

Remote support software allows IT professionals to log in to their clients’ computers to offer remote assistance or support. Remote support software allows IT technicians to log in to any device, regardless of where it is located. They can do a lot of tasks on the remote machine just like they were sitting right in front of it. They can manage updates and install apps.

It is important not to confuse remote support with remote desk software. Although they may both provide remote access via the internet, their functionality and services differ. A remote desktop lets users access a remote computer from any location with an internet connection. They can access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote support software, on the other hand, allows users to remotely support a variety of devices. Remote support software can be used to monitor and maintain the devices, or even repair and overhaul them.

Remote Support Software – Benefits

  1. Helps save time IT technicians no longer have to travel from one place to the next to provide support on site. This saves them a lot of time and makes their job easier.
  2. Lower travel costs IT professionals can cut down on travel expenses by not having to be present at clients’ locations. Businesses can also centralize their IT departments in one place to reduce the need for them to travel to clients’ locations.
  3. Increases productivity. – A remote assistance software ensures IT professionals are productive regardless of the situation. Because they can complete their tasks remotely, business functions can still be maintained and pushed forward.

Best Remote Access Software

ITarian Remote Access is a great option if you are looking for remote support software. This Remote Support software lets you access a remote computer anytime, anywhere. Because the tools are organized in a console, it is easy to use and maintain. These are some of Adrian’s most notable features:

  1. Secure Remote Access Technology ITarian Remote Access provides strong video encryption via Secure RTP Protocol by default. All confidential communications between you and clients will be kept private. This ensures that important information and data are not exposed or leaked.
  2. Session confirmation ITarian Remote Access makes sure that authorized access is granted to all devices on the network. To ensure that the connection is secure and safe, remote users must provide the appropriate login credentials.
  3. Multiscreen – ITarian Remote Access can help you manage multiple screens simultaneously at your target endpoint. You can access them all simultaneously with the multi-screen option.
  4. Customization tools – ITarian Remote Access allows you to adjust the size of the remote screen. You can also change the resolution of the remote endpoint screen based on your computer’s default resolution. This allows you to enjoy the best possible visual experience. These are the customization tools ITarian Remote Access offers (as per ITarian’s website).
    • Best Fit – “Automatically adjusts screen resolution to provide the best visual experience.”
    • Scaled – “Displays the target computer with the resolution of an administrator computer.”
    • Original – “Displays the target desktop at its resolution.”
    • Full-screen – “Displays the remote desktop in full-screen view.”
  5. Firewall free – ITarian remote access uses standard technologies and protocols to connect to all endpoint devices, without having to configure your firewall. This software doesn’t require additional hardware configuration.


You don’t have to sacrifice your financial resources to invest in remote support software. You might also consider adding ITarian Remote Access as an option to your work resources. This remote support software is secure and simple to use.


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