Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging?

Regardless of their profession, entry-level cameras are the most common option for beginners. If you have just moved into Vlogging and are searching for a new entry-level DSLR camera for your video shooting needs, the best choice for you is the Canon’s EOS Rebel T6. Is the Rebel T6 Canon EOS suitable for vlogging? Within this post lies the answer.

Among beginners and even professionals who are looking for a simple camera with limited features, the Canon EOS series is the most common option. The EOS Rebel T6 or EOS 1300D provides you with the best features to satisfy your urge to shoot a high-quality video for your blog or website. You can take high-resolution videos and you can also capture crystal-clear and sharp photographs through the camera’s built-in lens.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Specifications:

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a DSLR camera and comes with an interchangeable lens. The camera is compatible with multiple lenses that you can use to extend the use of different angles for capturing images and videos. You will develop your photography and video shooting skills to become a pro with the ability to use multiple lenses.
Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging - specifications Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging – specifications

The EOS Rebel T6 packs build quality with numerous outstanding features that make it the best entry-level camera for professionals. The EOS 1300D features a high-performance DIGIC 4+ Image Processor with an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS image sensor to take high-quality images.

The built-in lens’s ISO range is 100 to 6400 and can be extended up to 12800. By adjusting the camera’s ISO range, you can film from bright light to low light. The camera is compatible for multipurpose use with Eye-Fi Cards and Multimedia Cards.

Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging - wireless connectivityThe Canon EOS Rebel T6 is ideal for Vlogging-wireless communication
For Vloggers, what makes this camera the ideal option is that it comes with built-in wireless networking features such as Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity support. Using Wi-Fi networking, you can conveniently share images and videos taken by the camera on your smartphone or computer device.


The camera is compatible with Canon’s official Android and iOS Mobile Canon Link App. You can connect to the camera using this app to view and share images and videos taken by the camera.
Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging - compatibility Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging – compatibility

Extra Features:

If we speak about the advanced features, then Canon EOS 1300D offers Autofocus, AI Servo AF 9 point AF system with impressive performance with precise results. With Creative Operation Mode, various options such as Warm, Vibrant, Monochrome, and much more can adjust the image effects. With the Fast Control Screen, all these options are provided.

You can quickly focus on the target with the built-in Optical ViewFinder, and you can set it up within the frame to take the perfect shots every time you use the camera. The camera, with its continuous shooting mode, captures up to 3.0 frames per second. Each time you use this function for rapid capture, it gives you ultra-sharp images.

Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 good for Vlogging - ultra sharp photos

Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 ideal for Vlogging? Ultra sharp images
The camera features a mode dial to broaden your imagination. You just need to twist the mode dial to adjust the camera’s picture shooting mode. You can use the camera’s portrait mode or landscape mode. Scene Intelligent Auto mode works automatically without any special setup or manual adjustment to capture high-quality shots.

Here, we have compiled a list of the main features of the camera to determine whether or not to buy it for your career in Vlogging? Now we’re decoding the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR!

Key Features: 

  • Equipped with a DIGIC 4+ Image Processor 18.0 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Great support for low light to bright light photography from the ISO range
  • 9 Point Autofocus System, with Continuous Shots help
  • Wi-Fi and NFC Networking Built-in
  • Optical High Resolution ViewFinder for flawless shots
  • Supports 1080-pixel full HD videos
  • Scene Smart Auto Mode for quick shooting
  • Easy-to-use Mode Dial to change the mode for capturing images

These are all the key features that you will get with the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR camera. All these features are very useful for professional users and Vloggers. Let’s check out the limitations of this camera as well.


Limitations of Canon Rebel T6 

  • This camera’s built-in LCD screen is set and not rotated. The Rebel T6 does not feature a flip screen, unlike other high-end cameras, which can limit your video recording capabilities.
  • Since the built-in LCD screen is not touch-sensitive, it lacks touchscreen power. With the built-in buttons and mode dial, you have to monitor the camera and its characteristics.
  • The camera’s maximum video resolution is 18Megapixel. Still, at 1080 pixels, it can capture full HD images. With the built-in lens, you can’t capture 4K images.

Bottom Line: 

For all types of consumers, newbies, and professionals, Canon has a good selection of cameras. Many new vloggers who have just started their career are searching for an entry-level camera. There are several cameras in the Canon EOS series to suit the needs of Vloggers.

The Canon Rebel T6 is certainly the best entry-level DSLR camera for Vloggers available on the market as it offers all the useful features and functions for high-quality video shooting.

To make it an ideal entry-level camera for vloggers, the built-in ViewFinder, advanced Autofocus, Continuous Shooting Mode, Mode Dial, and many other useful features are there. It offers you the best results to improve your skills in picture and video shooting.

Analysis of the Canon Eos Rebel T6

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