Once the CAT is installed on your android device, you must activate it for the features to take place.

To activate Anti Theft

  • Tap the CAT icon  to activate it

The home screen for CAT will now open.

The demonstrations of each feature can be viewed on the home screen by tapping on the appropriate feature.

  • Tap “Activate”.

The Anti-Theft Setup Wizard starts.

  • Tap “Continue”. You’ll be taken to Step 1.

Step 1 :

Step 1: You must create a password, and then set password reset security question.

  • In the “Password” field, enter a password to protect yourself from theft. This password is required to:
    • Remote commands can be sent to your device by SMS from another mobile phone in case your device is lost, stolen, or misplaced.
    • Remote command to unlock your device
    • If you wish to reconfigure the settings, open Anti-Theft Settings
  • Enter the new password again in the “Confirm Password” field
  • Choose a Password Reset Questions question from the drop-down menu.
    • If you forgot your password, reset it
    • Remote command to unlock the device
  • Tap “Next” to be taken to Step 2.


Next, configure your device to send an automatic SMS to your friend’s mobile phone in case it is lost or stolen or someone alters its SIM card. To prevent mishandling, your friend can save the new number. You can also send remote commands to locate the device, lock or wipe out any private and confidential information.

  • In the “Buddy Phone Number” field, enter the number of the friend you want the SMS sent to. By tapping the contact icon at the right-hand side of the field, you can add a contact to your list.
  • In the “Edit the SMS Alert message” field, you can edit the message that will be sent from your friend’s new phone number.
  • Tap “Next”. You’ll be taken to Step 3.

Step 3 :

Step 3 lets you confirm your choices and close the wizard.

  • Click ‘Previous to confirm or reconfigure settings made in previous steps.
  • Tap ‘Done to complete the wizard. The Anti-Theft App will be activated.

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