Introduction of facebook pname Orca

If you’re using an Android smartphone and you’ve installed the Facebook app on it, you might have got a warning popup message stating pname com facebook orca has stopped. You don’t even understand what it is, and you’re searching for it on Google wondering what the Facebook orca pname is or how to solve the Facebook orca pname mistake on your Android phone. We will provide you with all the information you need about facebook orca katana and facebook orca pname here in this article.

What is Orca Facebook Pname Com?

Pname com facebook orca is the messenger app’s name for Facebook. Orca is a folder in the Messenger app from Facebook. All messengers shared caches, plug-ins, videos, audios, pictures and other documents are stored in this Orca directory.

What is Orca Katana on Facebook?

You might also have noticed the Facebook katana folder on your smartphone when talking about orca. For the Android Facebook App, the facebook orca katana is actually. It’s just like the Orca folder and it’s developed automatically when you install the Facebook app on your computer. You don’t have to worry because facebook orca katana isn’t something you should worry about.

Is it a kind of virus or malware pname com facebook orca?

Now if you believe pname com facebook is any virus or malware or paname com facebook orca is a danger to your computer then let us informs you it’s not a danger to your computer. Pname Com Facebook Orca is not malware or virus of any kind. It’s the same as other mobile folders. It was developed once you’ve installed your Android phone’s Facebook messenger app. So it’s neither a virus nor a menace.

Why is my phone saying that Pname com orca has stopped facebook?

When timely popups say pname com facebook has stopped, it feels annoying. Many users face this issue, but we just ignore the message, but we don’t attempt to fix it. This message appears when your Facebook app information is complete or your device storage is complete.  In some cases, if you delete any of the necessary folders in the inner folder of this orca folder, you may experience this mistake as well.

Can I remove the pname from the bin com.facebook.orca?

No, obviously no. This folder should not be deleted. If you believe your phone’s type of deleting this folder will be the popup issue you see on your phone. You can delete the Orca folder, but it will be generated automatically again in the storage. So it’s not a wise idea to remove the Facebook orca folder.

What is the Facebook orca pname doing?

As we said previously, all Facebook messenger transmitted information is stored in this orca directory. All media such as videos, pictures, audios, and even discussion and posts on facebook. So if you have a query like how to retrieve or back up your deleted facebook messages, the answer is helps collect the messenger’s ancient deleted discussions.

It stores all the information on your smartphone, which is why the orca folder occupies so much room. So now you understand that pname com facebook orca is helpful rather than a virus or threat.

How to permanently resolve Pname com facebook Orca’s mistake

Here we’re telling you the continuous pname com facebook orca popup message solution. You must follow the measures below.

Step 1: Go to Settings= > Application or App

Step 2: Select All Apps= > Tap

Step 3: Facebook App–> Click “Clear Data” and restart your device’s Facebook app.

Definitely, this method will fix the issue of popup message displaying pname com facebook orca. Suppressing all Facebook information is the pname com facebook orca error option and you’re not going to get this message back on your screen.

I still get Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

Even after clearing Facebook App Data Even after removing all Facebook app information from your phone you get the same message on Facebook orca’s Pname com screen, you need to follow the alternative technique provided below: uninstall your phone’s Facebook app Delete all Facebook folders in your phone’s storage.

How can I get deleted Facebook messages with Pname com facebook orca?

As you understand, all the Facebook messenger information is stored in the Orca folder. So now we’re going to inform you how with Orca folder you can retrieve ancient deleted facebook messages.

Step 1: Open the File Explorer app= > Android Folder= > Data If your phone has no File Manager app, you can get it from the Google Play Store or you can open the phone file folders on a laptop.

Step 2: Open the “com.facebook.orca” folder in which all the information transmitted to the app is contained.

Step 3: Go to Cache Folder= > fb temp folder

This folder includes all Facebook Messenger chat backup copies. You will be able to retrieve all the emails deleted from Facebook.

Note: Before clearing information, you can only retrieve deleted facebook that is performed on the same phone and Facebook Messenger app.


We hope you can solve the Pname com facebook orca error on your phone with this article.  If you are facing any problems following this procedure, please contact us via the comment box.