Plex Playback Error

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Are you a movie-lover? Plexon reaching the error, it was “This item was not available for purchase.

This can also happen if you’re using Plex Media Server version 0.9.17.X or higher. In other cases, the issue arises when you try to play specific files such as MKV.

This means that you can’t watch any Plex movie. There are several ways to fix Plex errors.

Plex has solutions to the “problem playing that item” error

For a more detailed explanation, please read on.

Method 1: Disable any old devices

Plex allows you to link multiple devices to your account. Plex Cloud, Plex Web, and Plex For Roku are just a few of the options.

The media player might not work if you have multiple devices. Conflicts occur when multiple devices use the same server resources (memory, interrupt request, etc.) or are running simultaneously.

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Plex may not work if your account contains multiple devices. A web browser might be listed multiple times on your account. Each browser is therefore an individual instance.

Even though the media player will know which entry you want, it is best to delete it to avoid any conflicts or errors in the future. These steps will show you how to delete or delete old accounts.

  • Log in to your Plex Account
  • OpenDevices list
  • Find the devices that you have added to your account
  • Click theRed XTo delete specific devices from your Account
  • Confirm deletion

You will need to sign back into Plex if you want to restore access after you have removed a device.

Method 2: Modify transcoder settings

Plex Server requires high processing power to function optimally. The server can simultaneously stream video and transcode files with high processing power. This means that you will need more CPU power to modify media files on the fly.

You will need to modify your transcoding settings to fix the Plex “unable to play media” error. Plex automatically transcodes files.

To match your CPU’s performance, however, you need to change the default settings. To free up some CPU space, the best way to do this is to lower the quality of the transcoded file. Follow the steps below to modify the settings.

  • Go to the Home Menu
  • Select Settings, then Transcoder

You can change the Transcoder quality at the Transcoder tab by clicking the drop-down menu. There are four quality options available. These are:

  • AutomaticThe Plex Server will automatically select the quality.
  • My CPU is hurting this option gives you the highest quality images. This option will slow down the processing of transcodes and increase CPU usage.
  • You prefer higher quality encoding this option allows for slower transcodes, but with a better quality
  • You prefer high-speed encoding this option allows for faster transcoding but lower quality

Try the other options if yours is not an option and you get the error.

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Method 3: Downgrade your server

When you upgrade your media server to a newer version, the Plex ” there was a problem playing that item” error may occur.

Some files won’t play when you upgrade your Windows server. You can fix the problem and watch your shows again by downgrading to an older version of the media server.

If Windows OS is being used, locate the Plex Server folder at %LOCALAPPDATA%PlexMedia Server. For OSX, locate the folder at (~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/).

Each location has an update folder that contains PMS. These folders contain older updates to the server. To downgrade to an older version of the server, you can choose any version.

Method #4: Add AC3 codecs to Plex

If you experience the plex problem with media, it could be that you are using a media format not suitable for playback. Plex uses playback systems provided by the device manufacturers for Smart TVs.

Unsupported formats in a video will have their audios transcoded to AC3 automatically. If the AC3 codec does not get generated correctly, you may have problems with playing items.

This error can be fixed by adding the AC3 codec in Plex. These are the steps to follow.

  • Use a web browser to download a video file
  • Add the file to your Plex Library
  • Play the video file. It should be able to generate the AC3 codec by playing the file. When you play the media player, the codec will be generated.

Replay the video stream. These changes should be effective by now.

This guide should have helped you fix Plex’s error. Contact customer support if the error persists. They can help you fix the problem and determine what’s causing it. For a quick solution, first, go through the steps.

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