February 13, 2020

Play Nintendo DS Games with the best Android DS emulators

Yeah, I’ll share some great information here about Nintendo Game Console and Android’s best NDS emulators.

Nintendo is a computer console with a Japanese Kyoto-based video game system. Nintendo was created by Fusajiro Yamauchi on 23 September 1889. It is one of the best and most iconic game consoles for handles. It is also the world leader of video gaming, developing the most well-known and best-selling branches of video games like Mario, The Legend of Zeida, Modern Warfare 3, Ben 10, Star Wars, The Force Unleashed and Pokemon, etc.

I love Nintendo, and I hope to play on my Android phone, and find the best 5 Mario DS emulators.

While Nintendo DS emulators are still not completely configured for all functions and controls because only few options are available in emulators, you have no problem as developers still work hard for the application to provide the best practice.

Now I’ll share the 5 best Nintendo DS emulators for Ios, and the Nintendo DS games measures for Android. And with this Android Data Recovery tool, you don’t even have to worry about game data loss. It can help you recover deleted data even after factory reset or incorrect deletion.

Requirements to Play Nintendo DS Games on Android

  • Nintendo DS game emulators
  • NDS Games ROM
  • WinRAR (If required)

How to Play Nintendo DS Games on Android?

  • Download NDS emulator from Google Play Store
  • Download your favorite NDS Games ROM
  • Open Nintendo DS emulator and select the “NDS Downloaded Games” ROM
  • Start playing

Nintendo DS Android emulators

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic is a very fast and amazing DS emulator and is on the top list of Nintendo DS Android emulators. It comes with many good features and offers full control of the game. DraStic is available for $5, so it’s good and totally worth it at the Google Play Store. You’re not going to be disappointed in any way. You can find a solution here if you download applications from Google Play Store through Google Play Store Not Working.

DraStic Emulator features

  • It improves the 3D graphics of the games at two times the original resolution.
  • Easily configure NDS screen positioning and height.
  • Save and restart your progress with save countries everywhere.
  • Sync your save games with Google Drive online space.
  • Increase emulation speed quickly.

NDS Boy! Emulator

NDS Boy! It is also the best Android DS emulator for you to play your favorite NDS titles.
By definition, an emulator is very unoptimised in how it does things. It was made by somebody like you, or somebody with the requisite skills to do it, who learned as they went. Emulating something is always important.

In addition, I think the developer DraStic said NDS Boy! It was based on his earlier work on one of the emulation, so that DraStic may be better, but not to the degree you expect.

NDS Boy, as usual! Don’t keep any ROMs company. You can relay the Nintendo DS ROMs from any of the several sites that concentrate on them. That said, while the copycat is technically ready to play file formats.nds,.zip,.rar and.7z, it’s only a quality if it’s in the format.nds.

Features of NDS Boy! Emulator

  • Save game states
  • Load game states
  • Control buttons and game screen editable
  • Supports Android 6.0+ and external controller
  • Download and discover more by yourself
  • Believe or not: all this cool features are free

AseDS Emulator for NDS

AseDS Emulator is one of the best emulators for your favorite Android Nintendo games. There are many features incorporated into the app, for example, a dual touch screen, game replay, code breaker cheats, fast stack loading, etc. It allows wireless access and many other things. More than 1,000,000 people are currently using AseDS Emulator which is Android’s best Nintendo DS emulator.

Features of AseDS Emulator

  • Emulates dual touch screen interface
  • Save and load game at any time
  • Supports wireless controllers and device microphone
  • Custom button layouts and key bindings
  • Auto-rotate landscape or portrait orientation
  • Stretch to fit screen or original aspect ratio
  • Automatic frame skipping and flicker reduction


GENPlusDroid is an extreme mega drive emulator that offers you an opportunity to play your Android gadget the best 16-bit recreations. You will have access to titles such as Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 2, to give some examples.

Like any other Android emulator, GENPlusDroid itself excludes diversions. You must download the titles from another website that has such documents. If you are downloading the ROMs, it is better to put them in the organizer of the emulator, although you can stack them from the download envelope.

GENPlusDroid can be programmed to use flat or vertical screens and adjust your controllers. You can even enjoy your favorite recreations with a bluetooth controller.

GENPlusDroid is a great mega drive emulator that takes almost no room in the memory of your computer. It’s perfect with a massive rundown of diversions that covers the bulk of the vast Sega catalog for all purposes.

Features of GENPlusDroid

  • Highly compatible Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) and Sega Master System emulator
  • Capable of loading games in compressed files (ZIP or 7z)
  • Autosave function
  • 2-player options
  • Multitouch support
  • Doesn’t require root
  • Free


NDS4Droid is an emulator of Nintendo DS. Despite the fact that the development is still on, it allows you to play some computer games made with fairly great results by the well-known Nintendo.

The fundamental problem for the majority of the diversions is that every second the case tends to be considerably less attractive, making the fun slower and choppier. This app gives you the chance to save your diversion at any time, and supports sound and realistic OpenGL rendering.

Among other aspects, NDS4Droid stands out because the software is open source, so that everyone can use it without charging anything and even change their code. In addition, the stacking of ROMs is the equivalent of some other emulators.

NDS4Droid supports certain computer games, but not all of them. Some work flawlessly, while others have difficulty running on the emulator. The last Fantasy IV, for example, performs admirably but with a lower casing cost.

NDS4Droid is a large and detailed Nintendo DS emulator. It does not yet improve the entire inventory of Nintendo DS recreations, yet you can even now play great games.

Features of NDS4Droid

  • Support OUYA game console
  • Disable save states and sound
  • Performance is needed

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