Windows often offers patch management solutions that should allow you to do most things. However, they aren’t automatic so you will still need to do some work. Automation doesn’t necessarily mean you can do everything, but it does make things easier. ITarian believes that a patchmanagement solution should cover all your needs so you’re always covered. This could include:

  • Service packs
  • Product Support Lifecycle
  • Risk Assessment
  • Determine Priority/Applicability
  • Test

We have therefore created a product that accomplishes all of these and more for your benefit.

Service packs

Service packs are the best choice for Windows OSs in most cases. Because they are included in the package, it allows you to find the patches you need. Most computers/networks will automatically download and install service pack, unless IT prefers to manually do so. Service packs may not be the best way to locate patches. They might only contain security updates for the OS, and not the programs.

Lifecycle Support for Product

You must take into account the product support lifecycle when choosing patch management software. The PSL indicates when patches will be available to the public. If they are not available within the timeframe, you can lose them. This is especially true if you have to use a hotfix that requires that you have the prior one. We will check for any patches and provide the necessary information so that you can apply them when and how.

Risk Assessment

Knowing which problems are most serious is crucial so that the best possible solutions can be found. It is not about picking the most important problems for the day, patching should not be about going down the list. You should have a plan to determine if you are at greater risk without the patches. You may be able wait if you don’t have a plan.

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