Many companies are moving to open-source helpdesk ticketing systems for customer support. These are some of the questions that have been raised by the sudden shift to open-source helpdesk ticketing:

Why should open source helpdesk be preferred over overpaid agents or free plans? Open source helpdesk ticketing is a great option. Why not take advantage of it today? These are the top five open-source helpdesk ticketing services you should be looking into.

This article will provide answers to all of the questions. Continue reading to learn more.

Why should you choose open source helpdesk overpaid agents or free plans?

While paid agents and free plans are useful, there are some drawbacks. These drawbacks lead to certain businesses looking for solutions. This is why open-source helpdesk ticketing systems are becoming increasingly popular. These are the flaws.

1. Free Online Helpdesk Tickets System

They are available to you as limited agents

A typical helpdesk ticketing system’s efficiency is due to its ability to service multiple customers simultaneously. Because there are only a few support agents, the system does not delay clients. Your business cannot have a 1:1 ratio of agents to customer requests with the free online helpdesk ticketing plans.

Your business is allowed to handle a few tickets

The number of agents must be proportional to the ticket amount. Ticket-supporting companies often limit the number of tickets that your company can handle when you use their free plans. This is a huge problem for most businesses. This is why many businesses fail to retain customers despite all the work they put into finding them.

Are you ready for Sub-Par services?

You hate the idea that a ticketing system is causing you problems, rather than helping your business. There are slow loading times for some free online helpdesk tickets plans. They may be difficult to customize. They will not work with your existing software. You may come across pre-arranged chat options or icons.

2. Agent Services Paid

Businesses often consider paying for support agents if they don’t want to deal with the disadvantages of free online helpdesk services. When the company grows and has to handle more tickets, this is where the problem arises. The company is forced to incur significant costs to hire additional agents. Startups may not be able to purchase or maintain high prices. Many businesses are forced to look for open-source ticketing services because of the high costs associated with paid-agent services and their weaknesses.

Why should you get the Open Source Helpdesk Ticketing System today?

It is a terrible feeling to see your business growth slow down

The more you can solve customer problems, the more customers will be interested in your company. It is not a good idea to watch another company limit the number of tickets that can be opened and the agents you can use. You can install any ticketing software you want through the open source helpdesk system. You can open unlimited tickets with the helpdesk system and make unlimited agent requests. Register with an acclaimed open-source ticketing company and then proceed to your preferred support system.

You want to own your business data

You are essentially allowing another company to manage your ticketing system. This means that you will be releasing your business data. If you are unsure whether another company has access to your data, it is time to start using open-source ticketing software.

You plan to use free plugins and add-ons

Most open-source ticketing platforms let you install plugins for free. There are many helpdesk ticketing add-ons that you can use.

You Prioritize User-experience

Open source helpdesk ticketing software can be customized to meet the needs of your customers and agents. Chat widgets can be created and arranged for easy access. Customers will feel at ease and can identify with your brand thanks to the friendly interface.

You Need Comprehensive Reports

You can access the online customizable support system to view and review ticket resolution, customer satisfaction surveys and ticket tag reports whenever and wherever you need them.

What are the 5 Top Open Source Helpdesk Ticketing Systems That You Should Consider?

These are some examples of helpdesks you might want to try.

  1. UVDesk
  2. osTicket
  3. Faveo
  4. FreshDesk
  5. Zoho


Open source ticketing systems have emerged as a solution to the problems of online ticketing software that is both paid and free. It is a great investment if you are looking for a flexible and economical support system.

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