Open Source RMM PSA for your Organization

Traditional IT support requires an on-site technician to diagnose the problem and to calculate the cost and materials required to fix it. With the rise of Remote Monitoring and Management tools (RMM), organizations are now taking proactive steps to provide IT support. Instead of focusing on break/fix maintenance, they now offer consistent and streamlined support to their clients.

What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring and management tools are programs used by Managed Services Providers to monitor the IT environment of clients. It provides MSPs with valuable visibility into the network of an organization. RMM tools allow organizations to offer proactive services at a fixed cost.

Many open-source RMM PSA programs are available on the market. These programs are free and can be modified or redistributed.

What is the working principle of RMM?

The MSP must install the agent software onto the client’s network. The agent then collects data from the monitored devices and sends it to RMM’s dashboard. From there, the MSP can monitor all IT processes and manage them. The MSP’s primary role is to receive the agent’s health report.

MSPs can access a summary of customer network information in real-time and keep their computers up to date. MSPs can also monitor and control issues remotely to prevent them from becoming a major disaster.

These are just a few of the many benefits of open-source RMM PSA tools.

1. Value is the key

MSP staff must prepare items for the next site visit, plan how they will get there, and perform other mundane tasks that could be overlooked. This is not a way to add value to your company. An open-source RMM PSA tool will help you quickly identify and resolve issues without having to visit the client’s location. This allows your employees to spend their time on the company’s goals, rather than on the problems.

2. It is cost-effective

MSPs may offer fixed rates to clients, depending on the client’s requirements. The MSP will have to ensure that IT environments perform within their budget. Open source RMM PSA tools can help MSPs save money.

3. Automation

MSPs can use RMM tools to automate monitoring and alerting clients without the need for additional staff. Open-source RMM PSA tools are the best for automating monitoring and alerting you to any system health issues, patches in OS and apps, malware threats, and software deployments.

4. Maintenance

RMM can automate maintenance tasks like updating operating systems or other programs. You’ll be able to save time and reduce downtime by having patches applied at the right times. You can also work on multiple networks simultaneously to improve your business processes and maximize profits.

5. Better Inventory Management

It can be difficult to manage inventory. The free Open Source RMM PSA can make software management easier. It streamlines software license tracking, warranty renews, asset allocation, and hardware lifecycle management.

6. Faster Resolution

Legacy break/fix services only schedule a client visit after an incident has occurred. The availability of staff and technical knowledge was crucial for the preparation. RMM tools can detect problems early and often catch them before they become more serious. This results in quicker resolution times. Your customer will feel secure with all the services you offer. It is comforting to know that everything is taken care of by professionals throughout the day and night.

7. Security

Your primary purpose in IT management is to ensure customers have a healthy IT environment. There are many horror stories about data breaches that have been reported in the media. One of these incidents can completely destroy a company’s reputation. It can be difficult to regain confidence when customers don’t trust companies with their personal information.

Open-source RMM PSA tools can provide security against many threats to invasion. Secure RMM tools alert you immediately if suspicious behavior is detected on clients’ systems. This includes spikes in network traffic, unusual file name changes or other unusual activity.

Every day, malware infects our systems. These threats are neutralized by the body’s natural immune system. Managed IT services that employ RMM tools will take care of this problem.

Last Thoughts

Remote Monitoring and Management tools allow IT administrators to increase the security and productivity of their clients and protect them from the most advanced cyber threats. These tools are a great investment for IT companies.

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