Custom Android launchers are now very common. This is why so many Android developers and farms have recently released their launcher themes. When we compare, however, not all launchers are even similar to Nova’s launch topics in terms of popularity and price.

Basically it is a fine and lovely theme in the same way, quality-specific, with a lot of Nova Luncher configurations and icons. So we can alter or customize it as we want. But it’s very difficult to choose a good launcher for us with a lot of Nova launcher available in the application store. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We’re here to assist you. Our experienced team members are studying the best Nova launcher and selecting the best Nova Launcher topics for you.

But before we go to the main topic, we want to address some basic and simple fundamentals. It will certainly help the new users.

Nova Launcher Item Pack: Nova Launcher theme comes with a range of items, including icon sets, unique color scheme and additional wallpapers in a single setup or box. And they’re different from one another. Therefore, you get these things in this subject when you download a similar launcher theme. You just have to install it, pick and set up the wallpaper and manually change the overall color scheme. It’s an easy process and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Outdated or new app icon Issue: Indeed, the outdated and new app icons in Nova are a little issue. Nova Launcher can not cover all devices with its custom design icons; it works fine with key and famous apps, but for unknown apps it doesn’t. But available workarounds can solve your unknown application problem. You can delete misplaced icons and replace them with your desired one.


It’s a simple but powerful launcher built with Google’s material design. It comes with a basic gui, icons introduced by Google content design and so forth. The best part of this setup is that the icons are very accurate and carefully made. 1070 icons with different color variants for some program can be found here. It has a set of 20 different wallpapers that completely back up and complement the icons. You ought to try it once.



Polycon is another complete Nova launcher. It features 800 different vector icons, which also suit any screen size and resolution. The most important thing is to get a server-based icon request program with custom folder icons, custom device drawer icons, etc. It also designs Google materials like CandyCons for icons and wallpads. In addition, this theme’s Wallpaper complements the icon kit so that it has no effect when changing the color of the theme. The important thing in this app is that it is designed to customize the dashboard further.



We are all aware that material design is a big phenomenon worldwide because of its unique and beautiful product presence. Do follow this for the purpose of creating your wallpaper (find out more wallpapers for superheroes here) and icon packs. Each section is specially designed for a beautiful palette of colors and shadows.

It offers more than 70 wallpapers. You’ll also get more than 920 icons in your icon box. This combination gives your Nova launcher the ideal and awesome feel. You can also order more icon sets, interactive calendars and regular updates here.



Our next range from Nova is the launcher Lines, specially designed to be basic launcher lovers. The name of this launcher is taken from the pattern of line design in icons and others. One of our teammates has been using it for nine months and every time we ask questions, he is very excited. It is based on a minimalist design approach and makes it extremely beautiful with the combination of black and white subject.

The couple of simple minimalist icons and wallpapers will work in any way. Blue and white, red, orange, black, green, etc. are the normal sets. You also get more than 100 wallpapers here.



Viral is a popular launcher that is renowned for its dark icons. The look of this launcher is great with shadow-like icons and special from other releases.

The icon pack is most popular and can be downloaded automatically to your launcher. It provides over 200 wallpapers that match the icons easily. You can also use alternate icons if you wish.



It is a popular Samsung user interface launcher. All Samsung icons can be downloaded here. The main attraction of Ux S8 is the inclusion of TouchWiz Ux icons from Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones. Here are the icons rounded. A lot of wallpapers and icon packs are available here. Only pick one that suits your dream.


Pix UI Icon Pack

Our next Icon Set is Pix UI. It has the largest number of icons in the entire Nova launcher; this has over 6900 icons. It has a standard flat icon style that is appropriate for any wallpaper. The size of the symbol is 192x 192 pixels in various categories. If you want, you can install an add-on from the Google Play Store to get matching widgets. Another button name.

Delta Icon Pack

Quest for handmade icons? There are over 1400 handcrafted icons in the Delta Icon Collection. In addition, the design of the icons is plain, smaller and gives you an intelligent look. Thanks to its flat design and polished feel, it also provides retro flavor.



Aris can be a great choice if you like to customize your launcher most often. More than 1400 icons can be downloaded here. The style is exceptional, future proof of large and audacious icons. Their icons with 220x 220 pixels in HD and 4k resolution appear really fine.

Some secondary features are available in the Aris launcher, such as quick searching, dynamic calendar icons etc. Another great feature is regular updates.


Gim is our 10th option in the list that gives you long shadows–you can give a candle or a lantern. They use Google’s content design recommended for production purposes. The icons appear bright and colorful and can be identified without the app name. The shapes are unique and distinctive. Here are also a search feature, interactive calendar support and dock support.glim


PINN is based on a flat icon pack material design. The main attraction of PINN launcher are solid vivid colours, long shadows, and minimalist wallpaper. Hope that you like the launcher and use it once.

How to change the subject of Nova Launcher

In order to set up your Nova launcher theme, choose and import from the above list your favorite Nova Launcher. Then you want to update it by going to the Google Play Store for any other device.

Tip: Please find solutions here if your Google Play Store stops working.

Once the Nova Launcher is mounted, you must configure it to be your default Android launcher.

  • If your Device runs Android 7.0 Nougat or newer, pick Nova Launcher from the list from the submenu Appds-> Tap the Settings icon in upper right corner-> Install and tap Home App.
  • If anybody is between the 4.4 KitKat and 6.0 Marshmallow update of your Android version, go to the Settings menu-> Find Home-> tap Advanced-> pick Nova Launcher.
  • For Android 4.4 KitKat or older tablets, the Settings menu does not include a home screen option. You will go to the menu settings-> tap Apps-> switch to the all tab-> drop down scroll and tap the current booter-> tap Default Clear-> tap Home-> pick Nova Launcher from the provided options.

Tip: If unfortunately some or all data is lost during the setup process, please use this Android Phone Recovery tool to recover your deleted data from your Android device as soon as possible.



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