Netflix offers different loops in its streaming app which make it easier for you to watch series and movies. These loops can introduce errors that require specific solutions. The m7121-1331 -p7 error is one of these.

This error is caused by a browser problem. This means that you are using an incompatible browser to stream videos on Netflix. It can also happen if your browser extensions block video streams.

This error will prevent you from streaming videos on Netflix. The message may suggest that you refresh the page and try again. However, this will not work.

You shouldn’t be concerned about the error. This error is much easier than other Netflix errors. The following solutions can be used to fix it.

Solutions to the Netflix error m7121-1331 -p7

Let’s take a look at each solution in detail.

Solution 1: Use a supported web browser

Netflix is not compatible with all browsers. This is true even for browsers without HTML5 features, such as video players.

Netflix won’t support an HTML5 browser if it is not up-to-date. What browser versions does Netflix support?

Netflix supports all browser versions. Netflix will not stream videos to older browsers if you use an unsupported version.

You won’t be able to watch movies on the network if your browser can not play HTML5 videos.

Netflix will not play on all browsers. It depends on which operating system you use. Consider Linux for example.

Netflix supports only Opera and Google Chrome web browsers for Linux. Vivaldi is the only browser that will work with all other browsers.

Solution 2: Disable browser extensions

Browser extensions are software programs that enhance web browsers. They can be used to improve the functionality of websites or add new features to your browser.

You can also use them to delete unwanted web elements such as pop-up ads. Some of these apps may not be ideal for streaming Netflix videos.

If you have an extension that says:

  • Filtering content
  • Force websites to connect automatically via HTTPS
  • Be constrained in the amount of time you spend on a website
  • Remove elements such as auto-play from streaming videos

Any extension that contains these extensions will result in the Netflix error code M7111-1331-4027. You should remove or disable them from your browser.

Solution 3: Upgrade your browser

Sometimes, Netflix’s unexpected error m7121-1331 -p7 is caused by an out-of-date browser. It is important to upgrade your browser because it improves the user experience.

outdated browser can slow down your ability to stream content online. To stream Netflix videos, you need to have a faster internet connection.

These steps will show you how to update your browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge can only be used on Windows 10 and is not available for other operating systems. This browser update process is not the same as Internet Explorer. You can update it here:

  • Use the Windows Key
  • Type Check for Updates
  • Press Enter
  • Click on Check for Updates under the Update Status Section

Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser is automatically updated by Google. You must verify that you have the most recent version. These are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the Customize and Manage button
  • Choose Help from the drop-down menu
  • Google Chrome: Select Information

The window will open and automatically check for new updates. It will also tell you if you are using the most recent browser.

Google will automatically update your browser if there are any updates available.


Mozilla automatically downloads browser updates and prompts users for them to be installed. Follow these steps to ensure that you are using the most recent version of Firefox.

  • Click the Menu button
  • Click here for assistance
  • Choose About Firefox

The window will open and automatically check for any updates. If the update is available, install it.


If you are a subscriber to Apple updates, the Safari browser will automatically update. Follow these steps to update your browser.

  • Click the Menu
  • Select App Store
  • Click on the Updates link
  • Click on Update All to locate Safar

Always download Safari from Apple’s official support page to ensure the most recent version.


Follow these steps to verify that Opera is the most recent version.

  • Click on the Opera Menu
  • Choose About Opera
  • Verify whether there are any updates

The updates will be automatically installed if they are available.

This video explains how to update browsers.

Reload the page after you have updated your browser. You should now be able to stream Netflix videos. Consider the next step if you are not able to stream videos on Netflix.

Solution 4: Clear cache

If your browser is experiencing performance problems, you won’t be able to stream Netflix videos. Cookies and cache can cause performance issues in your browser. These include:

  • Slow page loads
  • Unnecessary URL suggestions
  • Garbled web pages
  • Random browser crashes
  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Images and videos that are broken

Clear cache to ensure the best performance. Reload the page and then try streaming Netflix videos.

Solution 5: Reinstall your browser

Netflix is not working on Chrome Reinstall the browser to fix this issue. You may need to reinstall the browser depending on how often you use it to stream Netflix videos or visit other websites.

Because of the accumulation of cookies, bookmarks, and history, your browser may slow down when loading pages. You will need to upgrade it if it is an older version.

Before you reinstall, ensure that you have downloaded the browser from Google. The browser should be uninstalled by going to the control panel on your computer.

After uninstalling the executable file, you can install it. Start Netflix and open it again. These changes should be effective by now.

This guide should have helped you fix error m7121-1331 -p7 on Netflix. For troubleshooting, please contact Netflix support.

They can be reached via email, social media, or by calling their toll-free phone number. We would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below.

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