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Teams that have to manage multiple remote connections can find it difficult to handle the many tasks they are responsible for. Remote desktop connection managers are a great help. These tools allow users to connect to multiple computers or machines remotely at the same time. The Microsoft remote desktop manager is also known as the Remote Desktop Connect Manager (RDCMan), and ITarian’s Remote Access are two of the most popular names in this field.

Organizations can determine which tool is best for them by comparing the features. Every tool is unique in different ways, so organizations need to know which features are most important.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager Offer

Microsoft offers organizations the Remote Desktop Connection manager, which was created by a Windows Live Experience developer. This allows for the management of multiple remote desktop protocol (RDP), connections. All these connections can be managed from one window.

RDCMan had a vulnerability in the XML file format. Microsoft, therefore, decided to discontinue the program. Microsoft Remote Desktop app was created to replace RDCMan.

This app has new features that are worth exploring. The following features are available to adjust the settings for the replacement for Microsoft remote Desktop assistant

Remote Desktop Manager:

    • Gateway server support is available to users. This can be used for internal corporate communication, but it can also be linked to a gateway to connect users to remote desktop resources.
    • They can also access user accounts they have stored that they can use for connections. They may use formats, such as domain/username, username, or username@domain.fqdn. You have the option of requiring each account to store a password, or if each account must require one.
    • Multiple connections can be sorted by users grouping them or storing them separately in folders.
    • When the remote machine is not requiring much interaction, users don’t need to do anything more. You can set the replacement for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager to stop screen timeout.
    • This Microsoft Remote Desktop tool offers the following connection settings: Users can link directly to the administrative session (also known as the console session). This is useful when they need to troubleshoot the connection or add another session.
    • With thumbnail previews of the previous connection status with the device, accessing files is easier.
    • It is easier to subscribe to resource feeds using the URL for the support resource to RemoteApp
    • Drag and drop between remote and local systems is all it takes to copy files

It allows users to transfer audio and recording files from their local system to another device or remote system.

  • You can choose between direct touch or mouse pointer mode. For devices that have a touch screen, such as Windows 10, the first mode is recommended. The latter works best with standard touchpads or mouse inputs.

There are however a few features that were part of the Microsoft Connection Manager tool, but they have not been included in the new Microsoft Remote Desktop app. These include the following:

  • Virtual groups. This feature automatically groups connections according to their status.
  • Smart Groups. This feature allows you to define groups based on the criteria that were used to populate them.
  • Session Listing. This RDCMan feature allows users to list all remote connections that are open in a session.
  • Server List Export and Import. Remote connections were saved by RDCMan in an XML format, making it easier to import and export files.

Remote Access Solutions

  • ITarian’s Remote Access Solutions may be a good option after you have reviewed the features of the replacement for the Microsoft remote desktop manager. The tool allows users to access remote devices and their data. ITarian created it to be simple to use, configure and manage.
  • These are the top Remote Access Solutions features that users can expect to get from the Remote Access Solutions.
  • Secure access. ITarian’s tool includes strong video encryption using Secure RTP protocol. It prevents any third party or non-authorized person from listening in on the private conversations between users.
  • Multi-screen. Multi-monitor users can choose between “Switch Screen,” an individual screen, or “All Monitors” to see the remote device’s display.
  • Session confirmation. A message will be displayed on the remote device that is being accessed about the attempted connection.
  • View. View.
  • No firewall settings. Italians use standard protocols and technologies instead of firewalls.
  • Security screen with better security. The Send Ctrl+Alt+Del option allows users to lock the device, log in to the user currently using it, check out the local task manager, change passwords or manipulate the machine for hibernating restart or shutdown. Send WinLock locks the endpoint using a password. Send Special Keys is the third option, which allows users to make key combination commands.
  • Auto-update The Microsoft Connection Manager counterpart for ITarians is automatically updated.

Organizations can choose which remote desktop manager tool suits them best by understanding the features. ITarian’s Remote Access Solutions has simplified the process for users, unlike the Microsoft remote desk manager. Simply by reviewing the features above, you can see how they compare. You can choose from either one depending on the level of remote access that you need.

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