October 8, 2019

Many Windows 10 users Cannot Download Firefox

Mozilla states that accessing files from the Internet cannot function for Windows 10 users with the Parental Controls option on and belonging to a family group while uploading a 69.0.2 changelog to Firefox.

Reddit[ 1, 2, 3] and Mozilla’s bug tracker identify the problem in an issue published three days ago, 4 October, stating that all internet updates do not work while Firefox is running on Windows 10.

Do not upgrade to the 69.0.2 or 70.0b11 + version

Amid these findings and the question of a bug tracker, Mozilla posted a support page, urging Windows 10 users not to upgrade their Firefox installation to — the new stable Web browser launched last Thursday— or Beta 70.0b11+ until a patch has been produced.

“Firefox 69.0.2 and Beta 70.0b11 + are familiar with a problem that causes downloads to fail in Windows 10 when the content or parental controls are on,” says Mozilla.

“If you haven’t updated to 69.0.2 yet, please avoid doing this until we’ve shipped a fix.” Although a patched version is not yet available on Stable or Beta platforms, the releases affected by this issue indicate that “in the meantime you can work on this problem by removing contents restrictions[..].”

The process outlined in this Microsoft support article can be performed step-by-step to delete members from the family group through the.microsoft.com portal:

1. Go to family.microsoft.com.
2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, then:
  • To remove a child, scroll down and select Manage my child’s profile info, select the child, select Remove consent for this child’s account, and confirm. Then, go back to your family’s page, and under the child’s name, select More options > Remove from family, and confirm.
  • To remove a child because they’re now an adult, or if an adult account has been misclassified as a child account, verify the account.
  • To remove an adult, under that person’s name, select More options > Remove from family, and confirm.
  • To leave the family group if you’re the only adult in the family, remove all children first, then find your name, select Leave family, and confirm. You must be over the statutory age to remove yourself.
  • If you’re incorrectly listed as a child when you’re an adult, see How to change a birthdate on a Microsoft account.

Users who already have the impacted versions of Firefox must upgrade to a previous stable version, which is not affected by this bug (69.0.1 or 68.0.2 that make the trick according to some user reports).

Patch in a future release

Although Mozilla may use hotfixes to address some app bugs, it may need to wait to be resolved in future releases on stable or beta channels of Firefox.

“A patch for the parental control service that makes it possible to reverse downloads instead of throwing seems to fix the problem,” says Matt Howell, Mozilla Platform Engineer.

“It would take a new update, I am not sure what our present hotfix capabilities are, but I’d think something that we could do to address it would go outside.” Until then, Windows 10 users in Firefox can either leave that community of families or upgrade from the previous release that was not yet affected by this issue.

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