MacOS Acestream – How to Watch Acestream Video Channels

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People watch their favorite shows and broadcast live sports on their TV sets. There are several channels from all over the world that show live sports! But there could be situations in which a specific sport is not live on your TV. If you’re a fan of sports and love watching matches live, we’ve got something that could be very helpful to you. Your best option is Acestream!

What is Acestream?

Acestream is a service that offers live sports channels. This service uses a technique for peer-to-peer sharing, which allows others to stream videos while viewing them. You also stream Acestream videos with the help of other users. You get no buffer problems in Acestream and all the sports channels work in high-definition quality.

Acestream features include:

1. It supports various audio and video formats like MP3, DVD, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc.

2. The material can be downloaded free of charge. All you need is an Acestream account, free of charge.

3. The app Acestream is only designed for Android and Windows.

Mac users can not use this service directly, however, as Acestream software is not compatible with such devices. But there are methods by which Acestream videos can be streamed on Mac.

Download your MacOS Acestream

Basically, you can run Acestream on your Mac with two methods. Method #1 is here. Follow the following steps:


Step 1: You must first download Acestream from the above file Link


Step 2: Once you have completed the download, you will need to copy it to your folder.


Step 3: Click right-click or CTRL-click on it and open it for the first time.


Step 4: You must now find your Acestream stream ID after it opens. It’s going to be big long characters. You’re going to want to copy this string.


Step 5: Now return and paste it! (Follow the screenshots) Done! Done! You’re going to stream on your MacOS.

How to play Mac OS X Acestream channels?

As Acestream media player isn’t available on Mac computers, we will play Acestream links on Mac using third-party media streaming software. Here, we’ll refer to football links.

Step 1-Download Soda Player and install it on your Mac computer.

Step 2-Go to this website for on your browser and check for a link to the game you want to live stream.

Step 3-You can find multiple choices to choose from on the new page. Copy the link by right-clicking on the link or by opening the link in your web browser on a new tab.

Step 4-Now that the connection you want to live stream has been copied, open Soda Player on your Mac.

Step 5-Once you have started, select “Link Open Acestream” from the main screen. Paste the copied link in the dedicated text box on the next page.

Step 6– Patient until the link is loading and when the Open option appears, you should click on it.

Step 7– Again, wait until the link loads and the link that you uploaded will be streaming on your Soda Player. This is how you can run Acestream on your Mac OS.


You can play Acestream videos on your MacOS in 2020 via Soda Player using the above method. The measures in this approach are easy to understand and follow. So you can play Acestream links easily on your Mac.
If you have any new method of playing and running Acestream on your Mac, or if you have questions about the above method and steps, please let us know in the comment section below.


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