June 25, 2019

Mac users can now test the MacOS Catalina that is free of iTunes

Apple’s public beta program will quickly be live for the next significant Mac software update.

Mac consumers curious about what living in an iTunes-free globe is like can now sign up for the beta of MacOS Catalina. The beta website is not yet live, but instead has the typical placeholder of Apple stating “We’re going to be back soon.” The beta should be live by the end of the day.

MacOS Catalina carries with it a lot of fresh characteristics, some of which we’re going to have to wait until the official release later this fall after developers have had a opportunity to update their applications.

The fresh Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV applications can be tested by beta respondents meanwhile. Sidecar, a feature that extends the desktop of your Mac to a neighboring iPad, should contribute to both Macs and iPad’s productivity appeal. There are also fresh privacy features in fields such as Documents and Desktop, with applications requiring authorization to access files.

MacOS Catalina’s complete release is anticipated this fall. Find a list of Macs running the recent operating system here.

Before installing the beta, it’s a good idea to build your Mac backup. If you decide that this is too buggy for you, you will need this backup to get your Mac configuration back. Apple offers the public beta page with guidance.

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