Lenovo Plugged in Not Charging? Try These Solutions to repair It [Partition Magic]

Don’t be alarmed if you get the message “plugged in, but not charging” on your Lenovo computer. This is not usually a problem. These methods have been used by many users to solve this frustrating issue. These methods are not recommended if you don’t know why your Lenovo plugged-in isn’t charging.

There are many reasons why your Lenovo battery won’t charge. A faulty battery or an outdated or missing battery driver could cause the problem. You can resolve the problem of Lenovo plugged-in, not charging with these solutions.

Solution 1: Reset your Lenovo Laptop.

To fix the problem with the Lenovo plugged-in not charging, power reset your computer. Many users have found this solution to be very useful.

It’s easy to do. At first, cut your computer. Next, disconnect the computer’s power cord and remove the battery. Hold the facility button down for 30 seconds. Then, release it. This will cause the computer’s left power to run out.

Now, remove the battery from the computer and connect the cable to the computer. Now turn on the laptop and verify that it charges properly. Try other methods if it doesn’t work.

Solution 2: Verify Battery Threshold

Your Lenovo computer might stop charging if you use a vantage program. It may stop charging when it charges 60%, for example. This is a sign that your computer has a custom threshold.

You should disable or modify the edge in this instance.

Step 1Attend the facility settings on your Lenovo computer.

Step 2Choose the threshold you prefer.

Step 3Close the edge. Save the changes and restart your computer. This will often fix the problem with your Lenovo battery not charging.

To find out if there are any other problems with your laptop’s battery, you can perform a battery test.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

If your Lenovo laptop is not charging, you can try to determine if it’s defective hardware. You can also detect and fix possible hardware problems. This will ensure that all hardware components are functioning properly.

Make sure your power line is not damaged. If the Lenovo plugged-in not charging problem occurs, unplug your facility cable and reconnect it to another computer. It should work if it does not.

A faulty AC adapter can cause the plugged-in not charging Lenovo issue. You can replace the AC adapter with a new one and verify that your computer is working properly. You should change the AC adapter if this happens.

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