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Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions?

When you try to reset your security questions on Apple ID, you receive the following message: We don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions.

Apple ID Reset This article explains how you can fix this problem too. This problem can be very frustrating because you can’t buy apps etc until you answer your security questions properly. You can reset if you can’t remember (see below).

The first thing I should mention is that before you reset your security issues, you have to check your identity successfully.

As any reputable company should, Apple takes security very seriously. As an authenticator, Apple uses security questions to provide an additional security layer to secure your information.

How can you reset your security questions

Visit I forgot your website (link) (do you want to change your Apple ID?)
Click Continue Some questions will be asked to verify your identity. Apple really wants to make sure it’s you.

Answer your questions

Select “I have to reset my security questions” If you are unable to verify your account, you may not be able to reset your security questions in Apple ID and you may be able to receive “Security can not be reset.

We do not have enough information to reset your security questions

In this case, you have to do what you need: We don’t have enough information to reset your security questions What you need is for the Apple Account Security Team to ask you to reset your security questions.

Here is how: Visit the support page of Apple ID (link) (note that APPEL also supports live chat) Select “Forgot Security Questions” and forgot safety questions. Note that these assistance options may vary depending on your region.

Note* That you can not help if you don’t remember the answers, if the Apple team can authenticate your identity (they will ask you several questions). Because they can’t access your account either. You could give you a new Apple ID, but you’re going to lose all your previous purchases.

If you do not want to address this problem again, you may want to set up a two-step or two-factor verification.

  1. Another note is that if you believe your security issues are difficult to remember, you can change your security questions at any time.
  2. If you want to do so, here’s how to change your security issues.
  3. Go to the Security section Click Edit Click
  4. Change questions Visit the Apple ID account page.
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