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A guide to NCEA Secure Browser uninstall from your PC This website deals with NCEA Secure Windows Browser. Details on how to remove it from your PC can be found below. Computerized assessments and learning have created the Windows release. You can read more about computerized evaluations and learning or check application updates here. The C:\Program Files (x86)\NCEA Secure Browser folder, depending on the decision of the user, is frequently installed in NCEA Secure Browser. The whole NCEA Secure Browser uninstall command line is C:\Program Files (x86)\NCEA Secure Browser\uninstall.exe. The primary NCEA Secure Browser file takes about 125.50 KB and its name is dBT.exe.

The following files are included in the NCEA Secure Browser. The disk takes approximately 14.00 MB (14676038 bytes).

xulrunner-stub.exe (78.50 kB) dBT.exe (125.50 kB) python.exe (26.00 kB)… click to view…

This page is only about NCEA Secure Browser version 2.12.0.

Computerized Assessments & Learning Company is a company software application that disinstalls NCEA Secure Browser from your computer using Advanced Uninstaller PRO NCEA Secure Browser. Users often try to uninstall it. That can be said easier than done because it takes some PC know-how to remove it manually. The best way to uninstall the NCEA Secure Browser from QUICK is to use Advanced Uninstaller PRO. If you haven’t already installed Advanced Uninstaller PRO on your system, add it. This is a good step because Advanced Uninstaller PRO is the best uninstaller for cleaning your PC.

  1. Advanced Uninstaller PRO installation.
  2. Run Advanced Uninstaller PRO. Take your time to get acquainted with the interface and number of tools available in Advanced Uninstaller PRO. A very useful system optimizer is Advanced Uninstaller PRO.
  3. Go to General Tools
  4. Click on the General Tools button.
  5. Activate the Go to Uninstall Programs Button. There is a list of programs installed on the PC.
  6. Navigate the program list so that you find NCEA Secure Browser or just activate the “NCEA Secure Browser” search feature and type it. The NCEA Secure Browser app is automatically found. Note that you will see the following program information when you click on the NCEA Secure Browser in the applications list: Star rating (lower left corner). The star rating explains other people’s view about NCEA Secure Browser, from “Highly Recommended” to “Highly Dangerous.” Other People’s Opinions-Press Read Reviews button. You are about to uninstall the program details by pressing the Properties button.
  7. Click the Uninstall button. There will be a confirmation page. Confirm deletion by clicking the Uninstall button. The NCEA Secure Browser will then be uninstalled by Advanced Uninstaller PRO. Download NCEA Secure Browser
  8. After NCEA Secure Browser has been deleted, Advanced Uninstaller PRO offers a cleanup. Click Next to continue cleaning. All of the items in the NCEA Secure Browser left behind will be detected and deleted. You can ensure no registry entries, files or folders are left on your drive by removing NCEA Secure Browser with Advanced Uninstaller PRO.

Your computer remains clean, fast and can run without any problems or errors.

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