How to remove secure browser virus?

What is a Safe Browser?

Secure Browser is the first browser in the world to have an integrated management console, an application which helps and simplifies privacy and security management. The web browser is based on Chromium, a legitimate open source project but is often misused by the security browser Adware-type application as a platform for different potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Most users install Secure Browser unintentionally and therefore is classified as a potentially unwanted application. Secure Browser adware Once installed (willed or not), it alerts users to and delivers intrusive advertising, such as coupons, banners, surveys and other similar information. When clicked, these ads redirect users to websites that are not trustworthy. In addition, some may run scripts downloading other potentially unwanted applications. Ads from PUAs can be very annoying as they are frequently displayed through tools that allow third-party graphical content to be placed in any site and often hide the underlying content. Another negative aspect of PUAs is that it earns revenue by collecting user information such as IP addresses, keystrokes, search queries, URLs of websites visited, geo-locations etc.. The data may include personal information shared with (potentially cyber criminals) third parties who misuse private information to generate income. The installation of PUAs can cause serious privacy / browsing security problems or even identity theft. We strongly recommend that you immediately uninstall all PUAs on your system.

In general, most adware applications are very similar and are promoted as’ useful features’ by developers. These claims are simply attempts to make users download adware. These applications do not provide the functionality promised-instead, they jeopardize users with a range of data protection and security problems or even more serious problems.

How did my computer install Secure Browser?

Secure Browser has an official website download source, however, usually adware-style apps are inadvertently installed. Software developers trick users to use a misleading marketing method called “bundling” to install apps like Secure Browser-a steep PUA installation that uses regular (third party) software. The developers hide bundled applications in “Custom,” “Advanced” and other installation process settings to achieve these undesirable installations. They do not properly communicate information about the presence of these applications and are looking forward to users not being noticed or users simply skip installation steps (as many do).

How can I prevent potential unwanted applications from being installed?

Download, install and browse the web carefully: download software from official websites / sources and use direct links. Avoid using downloaders / installers from third parties, torrents (or other similar channels). Note: The promotions of potentially unwanted applications such as Secure Browser often monetize third-party downloaders and installers. Do not skip any installation steps without first checking “Advanced,” “Custom” and other installation process options / settings. Carefully analyze every window of installation dialog and unwanted software. Only then do the installation finish. Don’t click on any ad you see-there are a large number of intrusive ads, when you have clicked, which redirect users to dubious / untrustworthy websites. If you find ads that cause these redirects, look for unwanted extensions, add-ons and plug-ins and immediately delete them from your browser. Also deinstall from your computer any unwanted / unknown programs. If your computer is Secure Browser already infected, we recommend running a scan for Windows on Spyhunter to remove this adware automatically.

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