How To Recover My Yahoo Email Password Without Security Question

It’s not unusual to forget your password, particularly since we’ve registered for many social media sites, various websites and mail service providers. Because you are vulnerable to cyber attacks with the same password for multiple sites. If your browser is not set up to remember your login credentials, one of your numerous passwords is sure. This article explains mainly how to retrieve Yahoo password.

Usually, the security issues can easily retrieve Yahoo password. However, if you have forgotten the security issue for your Yahoo email account, you must retrieve yahoo password by using email or mobile number.

How to recover your account via Email Address or Mobile Number?

The following procedure explains how to use your email address or mobile number.

Step 1: Visit and try signing up by clicking on the “Sign In” button or the mail icon on the top right side of the site interface.

Step 2: Click the link “Sign in troubleshooting?”

Step 3: Enter your mobile or email address, retrieval telephone number or retrieval.

Step 4: If you have access to the e-mail you have entered, click on “Yes, send me an Account Key.” If not, what is the purpose of this post, click on “I don’t have email access.”

The code will be sent to your phone number when you enter your mobile number. The selection of the second option leads to

Do not worry, you can still retrieve your alternative email address using the following procedure.

Step 1: If your password has been forgotten, click on the sign-in interface to “I can’t access my account.”

Step 2: Check the option “I’ve got a password problem.”

Step 3: Enter and click next Yahoo ID.

Step 4: Click “Next” to receive an email to guide you in how you can recover your password.

If you forgot your Yahoo ID, in step 2 above select “I forgot Yahoo ID.” Enter an alternative email address, followed by CAPTCHA, and a guide to how to recover your account will be sent to you.

When you are facing a hurdle, all the problems can be resolved easily by calling the 1855-843-8475 Yahoo toll-free number. Alternatively, by clicking Forgot Password > Recommended Option > Submit > Next > Enter CAPTCHA Code > Use my Secretive Questions > Next > Answers the secret questions, you can recover with your security question. Yahoo will provide you with a field to enter your new password, if answered correctly.

It’s all about how to recover Yahoo without security. If you have other password issues such as forgotten Windows password, or locked out Office document, you can recover passwords for different types of documents like Windows, Word, PPT, Excel, RAR, ZIP and 100+.

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