How does mobile security work?

Regrettably, consumers are not the only people who move to mobile devices. Malicious hackers and thefts of identity are closely following. As more and more people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to do online banks, pay charges and store critical information for their personal and business, more and more evil people are tearing into this mobile gold mine.

Mobile security will be the key to the war on this new cyber thieves generation. In many forms and forms, mobile security can come. Some protections are built into the device you use directly. For example, iPhone ships with Autolock’s default feature that requires that the user enter a password after a few minutes[ source: Sacco] of inactivity. Other mobile security protections, like strong encryption standards for data travel over cellular networks, are integrated into the network. But no mobile security system is perhaps as powerful as an educated consumer, who protects his or her personal information and prevents the download of suspect applications or clicks on booby-trapped links.

Continue reading to learn more about the extent and capabilities of the mobile security threat to protect gadgets and money.

August 16, 2019
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