Fast secure easy to use browser

Opera-a well-known Chromium-based Internet browser that supports Linux (64-bit). Features high speed, friendly and wide-ranging interface.

Easily synchronized

Do not interrupt navigation by switching between various devices. Login to your Opera account to sync bookmarks, open tabs, and browse history. Don’t forget to download Opera for your tablet or phone, so the data is always at your disposal.

Fast browser. Fast browser

The main priority is speed. Have made a number of browser improvements on slow computers with traditional hard drives faster. Try Opera Turbo mode if you have a slow connection— compresses pages to speed up loading.

In your style, the browser

Opera can be personalized easily with more than 1000 extensions. Upload your favorite extensions and themes from the online catalog of additions. There are even animated themes for Opera, which speed up the browser’s starting page.

Simplicity and comfort

Combined Opera Address Bar and Search Bar make navigation as easy as ever. Choose one of the search engines— Google, Yandex or Wikipedia— or add another one. You can also customize your own mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

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