Does AVG Antivirus Work with Windows 10

Is the free AVG antivirus better than the Windows 10 antivirus?

Asking whether X antivirus is better than Y is useless. With a few exceptions of a few brands, which I won’t name here, which always work particularly badly, most antiviruses are the same. Some update their definitions every hour, some every day, some weekly. The frequency of updates should be one of the main decisive factors. System performance should be another decisive factor. The majority of full or complete antivirus applications are a hot mess of bundled security that works loosely together to slow your computer down.

Which antivirus is the “best” overall, varies week after week. The program which catches the new wild bug today won’t capture the most recent bug next week. Next week. The underdog last week will be the heuristic hero of today. It’s only the nature of safety applications. Having said that, it is inexcusable that antivirus applications fail to catch the 6-month-old infection. The development lifecycle for a security application is 6 months. If you can’t block that old Crypto infection since the start of the year, your security software needs to switch and never look back.

Free antivirus programs work as well or better than paid antivirus applications. It is ridiculous to advise people to spend money on half-cocked advice. Not every free antivirus application is a trialware application. Most of them advertise their paid product, but most of them are either fully functional or largely working.

With regard to the free version of Malwarebytes, this is only a scanner. It does not provide protection in real time. Effective time protection is the only important part of a security programmer. The point is not to capture or remove malware, but to prevent executable from running and sending their payload into the memory.

I haven’t seen anyone mentioning HIPS or sandboxing. I think you’re better off letting someone else answer security questions if you can’t speak to those.

People also threw “anti-virus” versus “anti-malware” justifications, which are based on knowledge gaps that a large rig can pass through (not the intended pun).

Here I must look like a medium guy because I must tell novices not to give advice.

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