Computer Crashes when Playing Games

Why does my computer crash every time I play a game for more than 5 minutes?

I don’t remember what kind of game you play…..

I’d start with drivers checking. If you have a video card, make sure your system has the right driver type. If this is a browser game, try to disable all other add-ons except for those who have to play this game, so you know if it is an add-on conflict. (If the game plays OK, with minimum add-ons, then you have the wonderful, fantastic task of turning the others on and off in single pairs, in order to HOPEFULLY spot the conflict. Oh, joy!). This is quite the same test as with the browser, you’re switching off all add-ons on your computer and you just get the browser add-ons going. When there are no crashes, it’s because of a background computer operation, so you have to disable it. You have two commands, Services. MSC and MSCONFIG, for disabling background operations. Services. MSC describes what each background service does and MSCONFIG can be used faster. Remember you don’t make any PERMANENT changes to your computer in both cases, you can restart things again. But take note of the notepad as to whether you’re turned off in MSCONFIG or Services. MSC or you’re going to get lost…..

You didn’t say when the games crashed. Do you get the famous Blue Death Screen? If you are, you probably have an on-board driver, which is the problem (BSODS are not as fatal as the name suggests it is.) Make sure that all the drivers in your on-board background are up-to-date. If you are looking for the research, GOOGLE your drivers to see if there are known conflicts and, if so, if there are some known combinations of settings that will get them to do so. You might find that to resolve conflicts you will have to uninstall things and find different software bits that do the same job. I saw it before.

I can tell you nothing but know which computer IS (PC or Mac), what operating systems, what kind of games, if some games work OK / TYPES, when the game is at its busiest (widespread armies of Marauding Orcs) or anytime, random or whatever, the crash tends to happen…. If you’re shooting more information. I’m going to do the best I can to assist at me. Start with the above, however, and give me some feedback.

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