Apple Id Forgot Security Questions And No Rescue Email

When you see this message’ Can not Reset Apple ID Security Questions,’ you didn’t provide the right details to demonstrate who you were. You can be a potential importer, and Apple must activate the security protocol and ask your security questions and Apple will not be able to reset your security issues, if you have forgotten them. And also, if you don’t give Apple another email, which is used as retrieval email, you’re obliged to use security questions when you make your Apple ID.

Therefore, if you can not sign in to your Apple ID, or forgot your password, you should always have a backup email. Getting such a message can be frustrating because you may be prevented from purchasing music, apps and other content from iTunes store until you correctly answer your security questions. Here we explain how to get rid of the message’ Can not Reset Apple ID Security Questions.’

Reset security issue Reset security issue

Method #1. Reset security question

  • Go to https:/ how to reset your security question.
  • Enter your Apple ID. Click Continue to enter your Apple ID.
  • Select the options for resetting your security issues.
  • Enter your password for Apple ID. You can not get your Apple ID back when you see this message, because you are unable to enter your Apple ID password.
  • Follow the steps for identity verification.
  • Choose new questions and answers about security.

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your laptop or notebook, try Reimage Plus, which can scan repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.

PRO TIP: This works mostly where the problem is caused by system corruption. Select new security questions Select a new security issue If you can not check your account, you will not be able to reset your security questions with Apple ID and will probably get “Can not reset security issues.” Reimages can be downloaded by clicking here.

We don’t have enough information to reset your security questions. You must go to https:/ in this case. Apple also offers support for live chat.

Method #2

  1. Go to Apple also offers live chat support.
    Apple Support
  2. Choose Forgot Security Questions.
  3. Then you will get many different options for help.

Choose Forgot Security Questions from Apple Support Apple Support.

Then you’ll get a lot of different help options. These options vary according to your region.

Apple support team will ask you a few questions and they can’t help you if you can’t answer their questions. You can give you a new Apple ID, but you must be aware that all your purchases will be lost. Perhaps the best thing to do when you do this and solve your problem is a two-step verification or a two-factor verification.

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