IT Ticketing System

If a user has a technical concern or problem, they can send a ticket to their IT department. This is received by the service desk, which classifies it and forwards it to another person for resolution. This ticket includes documentation about the problem and its status as well as the solution. This ticket is part of an ITSM ticketing system.

An ITSM ticketing platform is not suitable for small businesses. This is because anyone can go up to their IT department and get help. For large organizations and enterprises, this is not true.


Small businesses can use an email system to solve technical issues. IT staff can respond quickly and efficiently. As your business grows, however, an IT ticketing system will become necessary. It can handle many requests and concerns.

Many ITSM ticketing tools are available that can benefit your business. Many ITSM software vendors offer a service desk option in their products. ITarian offers cloud-based solutions and does so.

Different types of tickets

A ticket is the heart of an ITSM ticketing platform. Tickets are the ticket that addresses the concern or issue. Here are some examples of different types of tickets:

  1. Events

    These tickets contain records of all activities that took place in your IT environment. These events can include outages, releases, and maintenance activities.

  2. Alerts

    These tickets provide information about activities occurring in your IT environment. These tickets are system-generated and can be automated by error handling and monitoring.

  3. Incidents

    These tickets concern service disruptions. These tickets can also indicate a decline in the quality of IT services. Outages, performance issues, or errors are all examples of incidents.

  4. Requests

    These tickets can be used to request a password reset, software installation, or software updates.

Three primary sources also provide tickets:

  1. System

    These tickets are generated by the system in response to specific conditions or events.

  2. User

    This is the most popular source of tickets. To request technical support, users can create tickets using a self-service website form.

  3. Agent

    These tickets are created by helpdesk agents, IT professionals, and operations staff.

All these tickets can be managed and handled by an ITSM ticketing system.

What are ITSM Ticketing Tools and How Do They Work?

ITSM ticketing tools allow you to manage and handle tickets according to their difficulty level. These are the main functions of an ITSM tickets system:

  • ITSM ticketing is a central repository for all requests and concerns.
  • It creates a ticket by sending an e-mail to a predefined address.
  • You can also create your tickets using the web forms.
  • A ticketing system for ITSM automates the responses and informs the requesters about the creation of the ticket.
  • It records the communication between requesters and support agents.
  • A ticketing system for ITSM offers analytics and reporting features.

ITSM Ticketing System Advantages

ITSM ticketing systems can help you resolve IT problems faster. An IT ticketing system has many benefits. Here are some:

Advantage/Benefit/Feature Description
ITSM ticketing allows you to access any time and from anywhere. ITarian’s cloud-based solutions allow you to collect tickets from multiple sources. These include web portals, email, and phone as well as endpoint monitors.

A mobile app allows you to access your account tickets.

An ITSM ticketing system ensures effective communications. ITarian guarantees your clients that they will receive the information they require during the resolution process. This includes the following:

  1. Customized greetings
  2. Automated email and update notifications
  3. Scripted answers
A ticketing system for ITSM creates efficient workflows. ITarian assists you in prioritizing and escalating your requests.

  1. Configurable ticket categories.
  2. Automated ticket routing
  3. Tracking of SLAs
  4. Escalation procedures.
A ticketing system for ITSM has visibility and reporting capabilities. ITarian offers an intuitive dashboard. It provides comprehensive reporting and tracking features that give you an overview of service requests.
A shared knowledge database is a key component of an ITSM ticketing system. ITarian assists your tech team with gathering and documenting information. All issues and the corresponding resolutions can be accessed in one place.

This will help you troubleshoot issues and prevent recurring problems. It also saves time, money, and effort.

A good user experience is provided by an ITSM ticketing system. A customer portal with a brand is a guarantee of consistency and trust in the support process.

ITarian’s simplicity and ease of use will make your computing experience memorable.


You’ve learned a lot about the ITSM tickets system, including how to find the primary source of tickets. You have also discovered the benefits of an IT ticketing platform. ITarian is a great product that offers many benefits. ITarian is cost-effective and will meet your business’s requirements. Register now to get started!

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