IT is like any other job. There are many tasks that, while they are important, can be repetitive and tedious. These tasks can be automated, which allows you to concentrate on more complex and creative activities like problem-solving and planning. ITarian’s IT Automation Library & Scripting Platform is an automation engine that allows you to better manage your IT operations and processes.

 IT Automation Library and Scripting allow you to:

  • You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if you have access to a vast shared library of scripts
  • Python allows you to create your own monitoring and recovery functions
  • Ask the ITarians to create a script for you.

Capabilities and key benefits

Audit and invent

You can quickly and efficiently track and identify every software and system detail so that you can easily audit your IT infrastructure and invent it using a consistent method.

Network discovery

Automated discovery and alerts can be used to gain complete visibility into all machines that are part of your IT infrastructure.

Software installation and patch management

Increase operational efficiency by automating software installation and patching

Management based on policies

Based on user roles, automatically identify and correct out-of-policy devices and provide a report about compliance.

Automated baseline audits

For proactive support, automatically resolve Service Desk tickets.

Disaster recovery and backup

Install automated rules to protect data from being lost and make sure it is retrievable when necessary.

Automatization scaling

You can easily apply the same policy to multiple devices and customer sites, without having to create different policies for different customers.

Use it quickly

Drag and drop the tasks that you wish to complete, and then save and exit.

Automation exchange

The ITarian community can share their expertise and purchase and/or rent automation scripts.

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