Tutu app: What is it?

Today’s Tutu App allows you to download and install premium games and apps for free, as well as in Android and iOS. At the same time, most users question whether or not the Tutu App is secure. Let’s talk about it here after the normal introduction… Tutu App is an alternative app store that is free of charge and runs on Android and iOS. Basically developed as a Chinese app store for users in China, up until recently the Tutu app was only available in Chinese. Now that it has gained worldwide popularity, an English version was also released.

Why is Tutu so famous …

Many users are always looking for alternative app stores since official app stores don’t allow you to install all apps. This is why alternative app stores like the Tutu App are shown. But then, there are certain factors which have led to the success among users around the world of this alternative app store.

The Tutu App is free and offers most popular games with hacked versions. This is the first and only app store offering a modded or hacked version of the Pokémon Go game. One noteworthy feature of the Tutu app is that you can easily use it on different platforms, on smartphones and on your computer. The software is simple to use and apps are fast. The navigation is entirely straightforward.

From the viewpoint of the user, one of the best things about the Tutu app is that it allows the user to access any amount of premium applications for free. Likewise, the client doesn’t have to uninstall or jailbreak his iPhone on his Android phone. The Tutu App also includes some other tools to help users to better manage their smartphones.

The Tutu App is also easy to install. On an Android device, it can be installed via the “Enable program installation from unknown sources” menu under “Safety” (this could even be at a different location depending on the version of the device / software), and then download the App on the Tutu App website in apk format (http:/www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r= ovAnIndex / Tutu overseas]. On the iPhone, TutuApp iOS can be downloaded and then installed from the Safari browser.

Which safe is the Tutu application?

Well, we always said that nothing on the internet is totally safe. Any communication on the internet can be hacked, and any software you download and install can carry malware. In addition, HackerCombat has always advised users to stick as much as possible to official app stores. The official app stores are supposed to use strict controls to evaluate security in all their applications, and security should, as we always say, be a priority for all users.

Is it safe for TutuApp?

Okay, on the safety aspect of the Tutu app, experts point out that there have not been any reports about viruses or malware issues in this app store to date. Likewise, the installation of the Tutu App means no downloads of unauthorized applications or advertisement invasions which can impede the user’s browsing experience or adversely affect his phone. In the meantime, it should be noted that in its terms and conditions of use the Tutu app states that the user can track and store all information sent to his server (including chat communications, messaging rooms, forums, etc.).

Many experts point out that the Tutu App requires odd permissions, including tracking and making calls, reading / sending of SMS etc. In addition, once installed, it demands permission of the user for access to information related to Wi-Fi networks, the file system of the SD card, the location functions of the phone etc. (Those on Android Marshmallow and above can refuse any permissions!) However, no reports have been made of any problem with the Tutu app. The TutuApp developers ensure that they make every effort to protect their users ‘ personal data and avoid unauthorized access or use. Nonetheless, they warn users of factors beyond their control.

Sure, to conclude, we would also like to note that no one on the internet can guarantee 100% protection for you. It is therefore always the user’s responsibility to decide whether or not to use a particular application. This also applies to the Tutu App.


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