As online meetings have become more common in recent times, there is an urgent need to choose the best video conferencing application. There are hundreds of different choices on the Internet. Zoom is one of the best options available out there. Recently, some security agencies have raised a flag against their security systems and warned users to stop using their services. Now, you might be looking for some 2020 Zoom alternatives to hold your next week’s meetings. Luckily, we’ve found and listed some of the best applications here, such as Zoom of 2020.


As the name suggests, ClickMeeting is one of the best zoom alternatives that allows you to hold online video conferences. It was planned while keeping in mind the needs of small businesses. Their services are fairly inexpensive and come with features that will actually help the business grow.


Holding video conferences with ClickMeeting is much simpler than any of the video conferencing apps out there. All you have to do is join in and you’re able to have your first meeting. You should also register the meetings in order to share them with the absent participants at a later date.

Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meetings is another common zoom app whose services are aimed at maintaining better business relationships. It helps you to hold meetings and online webinars according to your needs and specifications. Initially, you can start with their free plan.


They also let you record meetings, manage group chats and have full control over the activities of the participants. Overall, Zoho Meetings is the best alternative to Zoom, because it features everything necessary for a perfect online meeting to be held.


Discord is a popular streaming platform designed specifically for online gamers. With its related collection of features, you can also hold online meetings and webinars. It allows more than nine participants at once with server-based customizations as per user needs.


The best aspect is that their services are totally free and come with additional functionality such as cross-platform connectivity and screen sharing. You may also document the meetings you have held and share them with the missing participants.


UberConference is one of the best zoom alternatives for 2020 that helps you to hold online meetings. While their services are free, they do have some special plans that will allow you to hold meetings for as long as you want. With their special package, you can hold meetings serving more than 50 members at once.


It is the ideal choice for those who do not want to download any third-party software on their computers. You can access their services from your web browser.

eZTalks Cloud Meetings

EZTalks Cloud Meetings is one of the best alternatives to zoom in 2020 explicitly designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. When doing video conferencing, you can also add subtitles that will make it much easier for the participants to understand what you have said.


Some additional features include screen sharing, multiple device support, and monitoring of the behavior of the participants. While eZTalks is a great choice, the only drawback is the restrictions they place on their users at a certain point in time.


Skype is another hidden gem with 2020’s best zoom alternatives out there. It helps you to hold meetings for as long as you want, while helping more than 50 people at once.


Their services are available on almost all devices, including Windows, MacOS, and Ios. Initially, you can start with their free plan, but upgrade to their premium plan in case you need access to their premium features.


Bluejeans is another of the best video conferencing applications, such as zoom, that allows you to hold online meetings with more than 50 participants at once.


Most of their services are free, allowing you to use them with superior features and additional functionality for a perfect video conferencing session.


Join. Me is one of the best zoom alternatives for 2020 whose services are ideal for small companies with a smaller budget to spend on virtual meetings.


Initially, you will start with a free plan with certain restrictions. You will switch to their premium plans later, starting at as little as $10 a month.

Final Words

These were the best ZOOM 2020 devices you can use to hold online meetings. We hope you’ve found our list of zoom alternatives useful. If you find it very helpful, share it with those who are also looking for the same thing.

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