With the popularity of online gaming and gaming streamers, many seek high-speed internet to maintain a smooth gaming experience. But the biggest question is: what speed is fast enough for gaming? According to experts, internet speeds between three and eight megabits per second are usually suitable for online gaming. However, it highly depends on the number of users in your network and how the internet is being used.

For example, you’re playing PUBG or DOTA 2, but your sister is watching movies on Netflix, and your mother is video calling with her friends. If this is the case, the 2-8Mbps will not be sufficient to provide you with lag-free gameplay.

While it might be every gamer’s dream to have the fastest internet in the world, it’s not practical, especially if you’re paying for it. So, how do you determine the ideal internet speed for online gaming? Let’s take it from the experts. No, it’s not your internet provider but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Let’s begin.

What speed do I need for online gaming?

According to the Federal Communications Commission, a download speed of 3 to 4 Mbps is enough for gaming. To be more specific, 3Mbps is recommended for regular gaming consoles and 4Mbps for online multiplayer games. 3 to 4Mbps is too low for internet speed when you think about it. However, you should know that this recommendation only accounts for one person. So that means if there are other devices connected to your network, you’ll need more than 4Mbps for a better gaming experience.

So, if you’re only two in your household, an internet plan from a reliable internet provider, like Dish Internet, around 25 to 50 Mbps is already good enough for gaming and other online activities. But if you have a bigger family or numerous smart devices, it’s best to opt for higher internet speeds.

Why is fast internet best needed for gaming?

Online games will usually require you to download patches and update your game frequently for you to keep playing. Also, you’ll want faster speeds and low latency so you won’t lag while playing. If you’re playing online games such as Valorant, DOTA, League of Legends, and the like, you will likely need a faster internet speed to maintain a smooth gameplay. Otherwise, you’ll just be frustrated with the lags that make you lose.

When you’re downloading game files on your PC, your internet speed will make a huge difference in the time you can save. Here’s an example. If you have a 3Mpbs internet plan, downloading a 70GB file size will take you two and a half days, while having a 4Mbps plan will take you one day and 16 hours. But if you have a 100Mbps plan, it will only take you an hour and 40 minutes. The massive difference between the download time can significantly impact your day-to-day online activities, including gaming.

Can data caps limit my gaming?

Many internet providers do not impose data caps, but you will likely encounter data caps with satellite internet and DSL internet plans. Once you go over your data allowance for the month, you usually have to pay more or endure slower internet speeds. You have to keep in mind that downloading and updating gaming take up a significant amount of data apart from the data you consume while playing.

So if your internet plan currently has data caps, you should monitor your data consumption to not go over your allowance every month. In most cases, your internet provider will notify you if you’re already near your limit. If you think that your current data allowance is not enough, you can upgrade to a higher plan or opt for an internet plan with unlimited data.

How can I speed up my internet?

We understand that it can be frustrating to experience lags during an intense battle with your opponents, but it happens sometimes, even frequently, if you have a poor internet connection. Fortunately, you can do some things about it first before you call your internet service provider. Here’s what you can do.

Check your internet speed.

Don’t expect more speeds than what you’re actually paying for, as your internet speed will not miraculously increase without paying for it. Nonetheless, if you notice that your internet speed is significantly below what you’re paying for, it’s best to contact your internet provider.

Reset your router, modem, and gaming device.

Sometimes, all your gaming equipment needs is a good ol’ hard restart to boost your internet connection. If it’s been a while since you’ve rebooted your router, modem, and gaming device, this is the best time to do so.

Disconnect unused devices.

Background-running apps and auto-downloads might be hogging your bandwidth. Make it a habit to disconnect non-priority devices when not in use.

Upgrade to a faster internet plan.

If you’ve exhausted all your means, but the speed isn’t getting any better, it may be time to upgrade to a faster internet plan that can accommodate all your internet activities without hassle.


Now that you know how to determine the best internet speed for online gaming, you can enjoy a better gaming experience without lags and ping fluctuations that can mess with your gameplay. Also, remember to rely on trusted internet providers to ensure you get the service you deserve.

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