Taking a new job offer or leaving an organization to pursue new adventures? You should appreciate those who have assisted you on the way. As you wrap up your present company and equip yourself for the next adventure, take a moment to send out well wishes and gratitude for the time spent there. It will help maintain positive relationships that will help you along your next journey. Here are the tips on how to write thank you and farewell messages to colleagues:

Keep the content short and sweet.

Longer messages can be intimidating, so try breaking them up into separate parts like an email or letter for shorter audiences. Use this template for goodbye messages: “Thank you for your time and support during my stay as I am leaving today. It has been intriguing getting to know you, and I wish you the best of luck. Yours sincerely.” Gone are the days when formal letters were essential to business communications. Keeping it casual can help give a more personal touch and leave a better impression than some overly formal farewell message.

Consider saying something about future prospects.

The last thing you want hanging over a colleague’s head is the idea that they might need to be replaced. So make sure you send a firm but polite compliment such as “I know your time here at our company has been extremely valuable, and I am sure that you will find another employer where your skills and experience can be put to good use -just keep me informed.”

Make it all about them.

You can never go wrong writing about how much someone has positively impacted your life! That is an opportunity to let that person know that something about them made them stand out among everyone else and acknowledge it sincerely. If the relationship was a bit less formal, you could also mention what great team players and friends they were. However, if the relationship was more personal, like if they were your life-long best buddy, do not hold back on telling them how much you miss them.

Be sincere.

People will not accept generic statements like “you will always be in my heart” or “you are in my prayers and thoughts.” They will certainly ask questions and not take your words as a friendly gesture – so do not be afraid to come out with the truth! Account for their accomplishments and send them an honest goodbye that shows your appreciation of everything they did while there.

Do not forget to tender a letter of resignation.

When you write your resignation letter, ensure it is addressed to the correct manager who oversees staff and personnel issues for the department. That can easily be found on the company website or by asking another colleague for help.

Writing a farewell note or message to all of your colleagues can be difficult, but it is crucial for maintaining relationships. Regardless of the length of period you spent working with these people—thank them for making that time valuable! Do not ruin your relationship by saying something offensive or negative. If possible, you might want to stay in touch with them on social media.

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