Windows Remote Desktop Connection, or RDC in its natural form, can only work on the same network. Although it is a popular remote access solution, it can be difficult to use. You can still use Windows RDC with a different network. This free remote PC access program can be used over the internet. This guide will show you how to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection (or RDC) over the internet.

Set up a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) – This is the first option that you have when connecting to Windows Remote Desktop Connect via the internet. This will allow you to connect to your remote computer as though they were connected to the same network. This is the best remote PC access solution since you don’t expose your device to the internet directly. A VPN will help you reduce the chance of your business being hacked or security stolen. However, this option can be difficult to implement. A VPN may require some IT knowledge.

Connect to the Internet via Remote Desktop Connection – Another option is to connect Windows Remote Desktop Connection directly from the internet. This step is much easier than establishing a Virtual Private Network (or VPN). This step is not the most secure. You are inviting malware, worms, and viruses to your network and device by exposing them to the internet. For your PC to be more secure, you should create a strong password.

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