How to Use PayPal on Amazon?


Can you use Paypal as your favourite form of payment and still want to do it on Amazon, but don’t know how? You’ve arrived on the correct side, then. We will share a full guide in this final guide about how to use PayPal about Amazon and why does Amazon not allow payments via Paypal?

How to Use Amazon PayPal?

But, why not wait? Let ‘s move over to the segment below and continue to learn the points I discussed with you.

Why is PayPal not approved by Amazon?

Both Amazon and PayPal are the main suppliers of their own market sector, so why wouldn’t Amazon continue to partner with PayPal?

You have to go back to the roots of Paypal to get the answer. When Paypal was introduced, it became part of eBay, which at the time was Amazon’s direct rival. That was the reason why Paypal was still not approved by Amazon as a payment system even after it quit eBay in 2014.

Another explanation is that Amazon maintains its own payment system , known as “Amazon Pay,” which was developed exclusively for Amazon orders. So, Amazon Pay is PayPal’s direct competitor, so why would Amazon accept its rival to gain income from their company?

I hope it’s now obvious to you that Amazon really doesn’t accept PayPal as their form of payment. But, a concern emerges now that is there some way to invest Amazon PayPal funds? The quick response is yes, but with a little twist, you can use Paypal on Amazon. You can discover how you can do it in the next part. So, we’re moving here.

How will PayPal be used for you on Amazon?

There are two strategies for using Paypal on Amazon that you should mention. To use Paypal on Amazon, you can use a PayPal Gift Card or a PayPal Debit Card. This is how this should be done:

1. Using Gift Card

There are a number of outlets and retailers that you can order an Amazon Gift Card from. Even PayPal itself offers a number of online gift cards, and Amazon Card is one of those card forms that you can buy directly from the PayPal website. You have complete leverage of the gift card after you buy it, and you can use it to make purchases on the Amazon website. Then what are you going to wait for? Only log in to your account with Paypal and buy an Amazon Gift Card today.

2. Using PayPal Debit Card

The PayPal Debit Card will also be used to make payments on Amazon. The card is operated by Mastercard, which means you can use the card on any Mastercard accepting network. The card contains, in general, some fees that you have to pay to buy the card. All you have to do after you get the card is just connect it to your Amazon account. It is not the cheapest way to pay for your everyday needs, though, but if you want to use your PayPal balance on Amazon, it’s also a nice way.


It’s that! The best potential options that you should consider if you choose to use Paypal on Amazon are provided above. I hope you have been supported by this article to get what you were looking for. Then don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, families , and colleagues who are also facing the same issue if you find it beneficial. Even, if you have any ideas or questions about this article, then let me know in the following comment section.


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