How to Use iPhone as Webcam?


Did you know that on every PC or Mac, you can use your iPhone as a Webcam? Yeah, you heard correctly! In the App store, there are several programmes available that can be used to turn the iPhone into a webcam. Even, without any technological experience, you can use these applications easily. So, are you able to use a camera on your iPhone? Let me show you how the best path can be accomplished!

1. PocketCam

The best software that helps you to use your iOS smartphone as a wireless camera for your Windows machine is PocketCam. It immediately forwards the videos taken by your camera system. It’s also compatible with, among others, Skype, iChat, and Target. All you have to do is download and update this app on your iOS device and you’re able to use the camera on your iPhone. The Lite edition only sends videos in black and white and does not relay audio. If you want audio and colour streams, you need to buy the pro edition for just $5.

2. AtHome Camera

Another excellent software that transforms your computer into a webcam for video surveillance, functioning as a baby monitor or pet camera, is AtHome Camera. In this app, there are two modes available: one is the streamer, and the other is the monitor. You would be able to speak to any wired computer and vice versa, regardless of whether you use the app as a streamer or a viewer. Moreover, if there is any activity during the video monitoring, you can get a warning. In short, the best software offering high-quality video surveillance is AtHome Camera.

3. EpocCam

Another reliable site where you can screen your favourite anime series is EpocCam. It turns your iOS computer into a portable webcam that can be used for home or workplace surveillance. EpocCam is compatible with Skype, Live Messanger for Windows, and Google+. So, if you want to spy on your kid or cat, that could be the right answer for you. You just need to set up a free account until you download this app, and you are good to go. The communication is also automatic, so no manual setup is required for you to do so. In short, one of the best platforms for turning your iOS device into a portable webcam is EpocCam.

4. Presence

Another fantastic free software that turns the iOS computer into a protection framework is Presence. This app’s interface is so clear that a novice will use it like a pro. It also offers you 50 MB of free cloud storage that can be used for storing and storing a few minutes of content. But, if you want to upgrade to the cloud storage cap, you only need to upgrade to the pro edition where 5 GB of storage would be available. Presence is the best software that you have to use in Plain Words if you want to turn your smartphone into a security webcam.

5. Facetime

If you don’t want a third-party app to be included, so you have to try the Facetime app. In order to transform your iPhone into a webcam, Facetime is a video chat app that requires an Apple ID and wi-fi network. Everything you need is to get this app activated on both your iPhone and your Mac. Also, make sure that all iPhone and Mac applications have separate contact information so you will get a busy tone every time you use the same information. It’s that! Simply put your phone in the place you want to watch and then use your Mac to manage it.


It’s that! The best applications that can transform your iOS device into a safe wireless webcam are mentioned above. I hope that this article has helped you find the right security app for you. Then share it with your peers, families , and colleagues if you like this storey. Also, if you are using any other app that our list merits, please feel free to contact us via the below comment area.

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