The normal course of life makes us meet new people, attend new events and even make new decisions to be made in due course. Initially, everything might seem very fluid, but keeping a track of all this is anything but simple. While many people use a traditional pen and paper or digital notebook, the main problem occurs when they have to associate data with specific events or when they make changes to one data and anticipate a cumulative shift in other related events.

Such a situation provides a need for personal information management applications like EssentialPIM, which is exactly what we’re going to explore today. You can think of EssentialPIM as a better version of Microsoft Outlook without a high price tag. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways it can help you stay organized:


Provides a bird’s eye view of the information stored

All data is stored in a fast and scalable database by EssentialPIM. Information can also be cross-linked to make it more flexible. You can choose from any of the different EssentialPIM modules as required:

  • The Calendar module makes it easy to handle daily tasks, appointments and the overall schedule. Numerous activities can also be added to a single day with the same date, so that you don’t miss important birthday and anniversary notifications when trying to juggle work appointments.
  • Essential tasks can be listed in the ‘Tasks’ column to measure their progress in terms of percentage of completion. This module is especially useful for people working on multiple projects simultaneously and need to keep tabs on all of them at once. EssentialPIM helps you to connect one object to another. As a consequence, a touch can be connected to the current task of recognizing development.


  • The Notes module of EssentialPIM allows users to arrange notes in the form of text, charts, pictures and attractive sticky notes. It even has state-of-the-art formatting tools, such as automatic clipboard capture and indexing with other services. EssentialPIM’s powerful text editor is compliant with both simple font formatting and advanced structures such as bullets, tables and checklists.
  • The Contacts module offers an intuitive format for users to store personal and business contacts with information such as first name, last name, mobile number, email address, business phone number, address, photos, etc. It has very powerful and convenient filter tools that help to easily retrieve contacts whenever needed.
  • Next comes the Mail module that helps mass messaging to make massive time savings. So you can send important announcements and newsletters to all your contacts in one go. EssentialPIM can be compatible with Gmail, Yahoo mail, and almost any email provider to deliver such messages directly from the app.
  • Last but not least is the Password module, which can store all your confidential passwords and credential in a secure manner. Data is encrypted using the industry-grade AES (Rijndael) 256-bit standard. SSL technology guarantees the compatibility with cloud services.

Offers superior import and export capabilities

You will keep your data structured and retain its original formatting when importing to or exporting from the EssentialPIM gui. The same can also be said when obtaining information by way of its HTML, RTF, DOCX, CSV, ICS, VCF, EML and document format compatibility.

Final Terms

Users can synchronize stored data with a range of cloud solutions, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Gmail, iCloud, CalDAV, Office 365, CardDAV, etc., to open up greater opportunities for users. EssentialPIM can also be integrated with both Android and iOS devices using different software to keep everything under track, whether at home or in the workplace.

All you need to do is fill in the required information that you can easily cycle through to-do lists, calendars, notes, contacts, mails, and trash whenever needed. You can even change your schedules by simply dragging them, which eliminates the need to re-enter details time and time again. So, try it out today and get ready to plan your life while at the same time increasing your productivity, whether at work or at play.

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