How to Reset Siri?

How to Restore Siri?

For the majority of iPhone users, Siri is quite a handy tool. When you are working on your phone, it is quick, efficient and gives you a seamless experience. Apple, however, needs to collect detailed data from its users for Siri to deliver its best results. Understandably, most users would not be comfortable with Apple sharing their details. Fortunately, there is a way for you to reset Siri to ensure that all your information is removed from the database of Apple and that no new information is exchanged.

Reset Your Siri Easily:

If the voice recognition function doesn’t work so well, another explanation so many want to reset Siri is. Although Siri is able to identify voices most of the time, it can be a problem occasionally. Reset Siri to allow you to teach your voice to Siri again.

Step 1. Go to settings

Head to the Settings app and scroll until you can locate the ‘Siri & Search’ option

Step 2. Tap on “Siri and Search”

how to reset siri - siri and search how to reset siri – siri and search

Step 3. Tap on “About Siri and Privacy”

You can find a detailed text once you click on that section that outlines all of the information that Apple collects from you to ensure that Siri can offer its best results. In addition, Apple also details in that text how you can reset Siri and ensure that all of your data is successfully deleted.

Step 4. Go back to Siri & Search section

You can turn off Siri by turning off the “Listen for ‘Hey Siri’” command as well as turning off the “Press Side/Home Button for Siri” option

Step 5. Turn off dictation

Once you have turned off both of those options, you can turn off Dictation as well.

Step 6. Go back to “General”

Go back to the Settings menu and scroll until you find the “General” settings option.

Step 7. Go to keyboard option

Once you click on the General settings option, scroll until you find the “Keyboard” option

Step 8. Turn off  “Enable Dictation”

After you have selected the “Keyboard” option, scroll until you locate the” Enable Dictation” option and turn it off

Step 9. Turn off “Location Services”

Once you have turned off dictation, you can also turn off Location Services for Siri by heading back to the Settings options and scrolling until you are able to locate the “Privacy” settings
how to reset siri - settingshow to reset siri – settings

Step 10.

Once you click on the Privacy setting scroll until you locate the “Location Services” option and click on it

Step 11.

Now, locate the “Siri & Dictation” option and opt for “Never.”

These measures will not only help you ensure that your personal information from the Apple database is successfully removed, but will also help you ensure that no more information is obtained. If you reset Siri to help you relearn your voice, all you need to do to trigger it is to turn all of the above-mentioned options back on again. Once you do so, Siri can re-activate itself. It’s very easy to reset Siri when you follow these basic steps carefully. If you are using Google Home, you can handle all your home automation from your phone via Google Assistant via Siri. A router that supports multiple devices is recommended for decent Wi-Fi signal coverage in larger homes.

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