You can get remote access to your computer free of charge in many ways. Below are some remote access Remote access

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection, or RDC – This Microsoft feature allows remote access to any device. Windows RDC is however disabled by default. This feature allows remote access to computers for free. It is easy to enable. These steps will enable Windows RDC.

  • The Start Window
  • Enter remote settings in the Cortana search box.
  • Select Allow Remote Computer Access to Your Computer
  • Click on the Remote tab in the System Properties window
  • To connect to this computer, click Allow remote Desktop Connection Manager
  • Check the box next to Network Level Authentication. This will give you a safer remote access experience.

Remote Access to Computer – You can also download and use remote access software online. These remote access tools are free and can be used to connect to another computer via a different network.

Windows RDC can only be used with the same network. You will need to configure it on a different network. This includes exposing your device to the internet. RDC is not the best option because it could expose your computer and make it vulnerable to many threats from the internet.

At the moment, there are much remote access software available for free. ITarian Remote Computer Access is one of these.

This remote access tool is free and allows you to connect securely to another computer. ITarian Remote Computer Access has the following features:

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