Hello readers, we’ll discuss an interesting topic today and that is how you can hide apps on your android phone you don’t want others to know about. Sometimes you can use banking apps that require more protection or dating applications without your girlfriend’s permission. Just imagine what if she takes your phone and finds you using applications such as Tinder!

We will talk here about a step-by-step guide showing how to conceal sensitive apps from our Android smartphone, regardless of where it runs! Android Oreo, Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop or the older versions are available until the Kitkat version. We will talk about how you can do it without rooting your smartphone, so you won’t be worried about anything.

Here are the ways to cover apps without rooting on Android:

Method 1: Deactivate Apps pre-installation

This first method is for the annoying pre-installed apps or other apps you want to disable on your Android phone for some time. You can disable apps when your phone uses the latest Android operating system. After that, the app icons will be removed from the screen and will not return until you activate them again.

Step 1.Open your home screen or app drawer settings app or tap notification bar.
Step 2. Tap “Applications”. If you have headings above your Settings menu, select the “Devices” heading first.
Step 3. Tap Configuration Manager and tap the “Everything” button.
Step 4. Select the application you want to hide and click on “Disable.” That’s what your app should hide from your home screen.



  • This option may instead say “Uninstall” when the app in question is not pre-installed.
  • The “Disabled” portion of the Applications menu lets you find your disabled apps.

Method 2: Use of DatabaseHider

A few good apps can be found on the Play Store to hide any app such as Tinder or any other app on your Android device with a single click.

PrivacyHider provides so many ways to protect yourself that the features it includes will shock you. You can create a clone for any application, such as Tinder, and remove your launcher from the original app. Tinder is now living and breathing inside PrivacyHider. But what if someone looks at PrivaycHider?

You can cover PrivacyHider yourself in the form (icon) of a calculator one step ahead of apps like Parallel Space. So, everything you see is a calculator that anyone can use in your browser. But if you enter a particular number in the calculator (passcode) and click”=,” you can immediately access the real app.

How to use it:

  •  Step 1. Download PrivacyHider and install it. I assume you already have a sensitive private application downloaded. Open PrivacyHider and top right click on the”+” icon.
  • Step 2. Now select the application you want to clone. When it’s completed, you will see a message that says “The app was successfully created.” You can now open the app directly or click to re-clone more apps like WhatsApp or Messenger to login through multiple accounts! Isn’t it terrific?
  • Step 3. Now you’re going back to your Android app cabinet, find and uninstall the fragile private device. The menu Settings also helps you to uninstall. Your sensitive apps like Tinder should now be in PrivacyHider.


Method 3. Use of AppLock

AppLock is one of the most successful Play Store apps with over 100 million downloads. That’s certainly true for the user, because it’s also Android’s greatest hide device. You can lock applications and Android toggles like Wi-Fi, Wifi, mobile data, etc with AppLock. You can even lock incoming calls or nearly any Android object. You can also configure different lock profiles for your work, your home, etc. There are options to ensure that the app lock triggers at some time or location. AppLock can also add a cover like a warning message stating “the application has stopped,” a standard warning for Android.

In addition, you can hide any application, prevent uninstallation and set a time limit to relock. It also provides the power saving feature, so you don’t have to worry about the software that drains the battery of your computer if you use AppLock. In addition to this best program for hiding Android pictures and videos, it also offers a photo and video vault and plug-in support. AppLock is definitely a rich app feature and works perfectly. The app contains ads but are rare and non-intrusive.


Method 4. Using DoMobile Applock

DoMobile Applock is very useful if you use the smartphone in the Play Store, as an applock, to simply download it from there. To use this app, you just have to open it and enter a password. You can mask everything like Emails, Email, videos, images, calls and any device that other people do not want to see.

You have two choices to open the applock. The first is a pin screen, i.e. numpad, the second one is the browser. All your details will be kept safely on your computer and safe from intruders. You can also get device lock themes that make it look better and more vibrant. It has various languages and you can use it as you like.


Method 5. Using Safe Box

If you are looking for another simple way to hide your files and apps on Android, relax and don’t worry about your sensitive and hidden data on your mobile device. Safe Box is the simplest way to hide hidden contacts, images, videos, documents and applications on Android.


Special features:

Private device locking

Lock your personal apps such as Tinder, WhatsApps, Line, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, etc. You will only be able to access these devices.

Locate your private photos and videos

Hide the photos and secret videos of your private moment. Render them with SafeBox more secure.

Documents of confidentiality

Safe documents, bank statement, business proposals and many more confidential documents.

Lock Personal Apps

Lock your very personal apps so that nobody can see them and they remain overshadowed and encrypted.



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