How to Fix SIM not Provisioned Problem with Several Solutions

A number of smartphone users have noticed the “SIM not received MM2” bug, which makes telephone calls, messages or internet connections impossible. While WhatsApp can be used without a SIM card, we finally need to fix the problem. Whether it’s an Old or a New SIM card that’s worked for years, any Android devices, such as Samsung, sponsored by Vodafone, AT&T, Straight Talk or any other organization can have this issue. In this guide, we will explore how to address some solutions to SIM that are not given.

What is SIM not supplied with MM2?

When the MM2 error is not given by SIM, it may mean that the SIM card has not been enabled yet. Nonetheless, the actual causes will vary, from software and system failure to trigger the SIM card. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We are here to advise you on solutions to this mistake so that you can use your phone for free with SIM card problems. Although the methods mentioned below are intentionally right, you can choose to move to any alternative that calls your attention.

Option  1. Restart your mobile Android

Don’t turn your nose up. In many instances, computer and mobile phone problems will disappear after rebooting. If you rush to find an online solution for the problem before doing anything on your phone, you can try restarting your system now to see if your non-provided SIM card problem will disappear. This is especially necessary if the problem occurred unexpectedly.


Option  2. Reinsert SIM Card properly into Android Phone

It may be possible if you quickly insert the SIM card into your phone, and your computer will not be able to properly read the contents in your SIM card, resulting in a SIM error not supplied with the MM2.


In order to eliminate these choices, any time you insert a SIM card in your system you have to be careful to change it correctly without any breakage.

  • Don’t confuse SD card slot with SIM card.
  • To ensure full touch, stop using any SIM card holder.
  • Make sure the SIM card tray is returned to your phone absolutely.
  • Use the SIM card on a working phone.

Option 3. Manually trigger your SIM card

Most new SIM cards have to be programmed manually, depending on the locations and the carriers. You could try the activation methods below if you waited more than 24 hours after putting your SIM card in a phone:

  • Call a telephone number.
  • Send to text messages.
  • Visit the website activation page of your carrier.

The directions can be found in the booklet supplied with the SIM card. Normally, after activation the unprovided SIM issue will be resolved.

Option 4.Tell The Supplier

If the above approaches do not work, it is highly possible that a problem can only be resolved by the service provider on the activation server or the SIM card itself. So, stop fighting! It is time to call the operator for assistance, probably with another SIM card.


Tell the customer service officer all that happened and the steps you took to solve the problem. You must check the status and details of the SIM card and your telephone number. In most cases, the problem is resolved immediately or a new SIM card will be issued, the latter being rarely seen. Some possible reasons might be:

  • SIM card is not successfully activated.
  • The network is disabled with the SIM card.
  • The phone number is passed to another SIM card.
  • The handset has a fixed carrier marked.
  • Test the lock status of Android.


Where there is a problem, there are also solutions. Finally, the “SIM not supplied MM2” error has been corrected. In the comment sections below, please share all your feedback and suggestions. You can also suggest new ways to resolve this problem in order to help more people.

Melina Richardson is a Cyber Security Enthusiast, Security Blogger, Technical Editor, Certified Ethical Hacker, Author at Cybers Guards & w-se. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.