June 11, 2019

How to Fix com.Facebook.Appmanager?

What danger does your Android face with “com.facebook.appmanager?”

Has your phone stopped functioning properly or caused an uncontrollable auto-start of your phone?

Well, the folder name com.facebook.appmanager has done more harm to my laptop and my emotion than I could say. It took me some time to discover that it was actually the Facebook app manager that led my phone to restart an infinite number of times a day.

It restarts almost every 15 minutes, making it unbearable and unusable for me. However, I was able to resolve the error causing the app to restart my phone through a series of tests and mistakes.

Is this a virus for com.facebook.appmanager?

The Facebook app manager folder appears to be a folder generated by the Facebook app manager once the app is installed on a smartphone. If not disabled, however, this folder will cause more harm.

In my own cases, the app continues to restart my phone within 15 minutes and makes it unusable for me. However, when the app folder is disabled, everything returns to normal and my phone begins to operate like a new phone.

Orca Error vs com on Facebook. Facebook.appmanager

There are two separate error messages. The only similarity is that if they are not managed properly, they both make your phone useless.

The pname.com.facebook.orca is a folder that combines com.facebook.orca with com.facebook.orca and com.facebook.katana folder that you will conceal in your normal file manager when you go through your mobile file manager.

Pname.com.facebook.orca error message interrupts you from using your mobile when you launch the Facebook Messenger app. Here’s how to fix it if you have issues with the Facebook Orca Pname com.

How do I fix com. Facebook. Appmanager

Here’s how the Facebook app manager error was fixed and forced to operate on your phone.

  • Go to your smartphone settings
  • Tap on apps or application manager
  • Find “com.facebook.appmamager” and tap on it
  • Tap on “disable” option

Accept the pop up that says your phone might stop working or functioning well

Now go to the App’s permission section and disable your phone’s app authorization. In most cases, your phone storage, call logs, admin right, and others will be accessed by the app manager folder. However, once the permit is disabled, when you restart your mobile, the com.manager.appmanager stops restarting andre-enabling itself.

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