How To Edit Videos On Youtube?

how to edit on youtube studio

How to Edit Videos On Youtube?

If you are new to Youtube and want to learn how to edit Youtube videos, this blog has a lot to learn about you.

Similarly, effective video editing holds the key if you are a video marketer and want to improve interaction with your targeted audiences with some flawless footage.

The thing now is, not everybody can afford to buy all the tools for high-end video editing. Youtube also has a web-based video editor to edit and cut your videos without paying a dime.

Why are you needed to use a video editor?

If you take videos for fun or official reasons, editing plays a crucial role in supplying your video shots with the ideal touch. Inside the film, there might be a few bits that have not gone well and you just don’t want to bring those out to your audience.

In such examples, a spot or location that is subject to approval from the respective authority could have been mistakenly shot and you now need to cut that part out of the film.

Regardless of the intent, when using the free video editing facility offered by youtube, you can do all that stuff very easily.

Recommended Steps for Editing Youtube Videos
Step 1. Sign into the Youtube studio

You first need to log in to the youtube studio before going any further with the video editing task while keying in all the appropriate credentials.

Step 2. Click on ‘ Videos’ on the left side of the menu

You now need to click on the ‘Images’ option on the top left side of the sidebar after logging into the Youtube studio.

Step 3. Click on the thumbnail or the title of the video you want to edit

The next move would enable you to click on the video title or thumbnail that you want to edit.

Step 4. Click on ‘ editor’ from the left menu

When the thumbnail or video title has been picked, press ‘Editor’ from the same menu on the left.

Step 5. Edit the video as per your requirement

You can now trim or edit the video as needed from the beginning of the end. Tap on the ‘Trim’ option available next to your video timer to get started.

You will see a couple of blue and white stripes on the side panels of the timeline afterwards. Gently drag those that you don’t want to use in the final version of the video to trim or chop the pieces of the video.

When done, just press ‘Preview’ to verify the improvements in the video that you have made. Only press ‘Save’ until you’re confident of the same improvements.

Step 6. Trimming the mid-part of the video

If you want the middle segment of a video to be chopped off, click ‘Trim’ again. Now go to your video’s timeline panel and press the starting section that you want to cut or chop. When the same thing has been determined, press ‘Break’.

Now, with the end part of the video clip, pursue the same method and you can quickly chop the unnecessary part without any problems.

Click on the blue line at either end of the clip and drag it to the other side until you’re done with all of the pieces. Your video has now been trimmed and by clicking on ‘Preview’ you can confirm the changes.

Click ‘Save’ until you are confident and pleased with the improvements made to the video.

Step 7. Adding an End screen to your trimmed video

You will now allow your audience the opportunity to watch a similar video or playlist at the end of the clip until the desired changes have been made to the video clip.

In addition, by following the same method, you can also ask them to like, share and subscribe to the video. Only click on ‘Add An End Screen’ on your timeline panel to get along with the process.

Summing it up

By carefully editing your youtube images, you will draw more viewers and interaction. This way, in your videos, you can cut off all the unnecessary material or instances and make only the appropriate section available to your target audience.

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