How to Customize the Shutter AE Lock Button on Canon Rebel T6?

When using a Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D, the autofocus feature is initiated by default. It is controlled by half-pressing the shutter button. Even, you have to push the AE lock button to lock the auto exposure button. It is important to know about the proper functioning of the AE lock button and the autofocus of the Canon Rebel T6 /1300D if you are a beginner learning about simple camera settings. If you want to capture photos perfectly, you should also know how to configure the lock buttons.

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You should learn to configure the buttons properly when using the Canon DSLR Rebel T6/1300D camera for the first time. To do this, you need to change the Mode dial settings to Tv, Av, and P. In the following section, however, descriptions of the shutter buttons are detailed.

How AE and shutter buttons work?
  • Shutter AE lock or AF – To use this button, you have to press the shutter ae or af button half that will automatically lock the auto exposure option. To start autofocus, you have to press the AE lock button. However, this function is just the opposite of the default setup option.
  • AF/AE lock – The AE lock is the default setting of this Canon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D. The autofocus function starts just by pressing the shutter button half. To lock the auto-exposure feature, you have to press the AE lock button.
  • AF/AF Lock, No AE Lock – To start the autofocus and exposure function, pressing the shutter button in Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D will do. However, to lock the focus function, you have to press the AE Lock button.

How to learn the skill of capturing subject correctly using the AF Lock function?

The focus and exposure options are built in such a way that when trying to capture the perfect picture using your Canon vlogging camera Rebel T6/1300D, it avoids focus problems. The autofocus feature in the camera works even when you use the AI Servo mode. From the moment you half-press the shutter button on your camera, it begins to change the focus of the shot and continues to press it until the image is captured. Therefore, when you have to capture moving objects, this function of the Canon flip screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D is the best one. When using this function, there is one issue. If a moving object comes near to your focused subject, the camera can, by mistake, catch the moving object. So, even when there are moving objects near it, you have to hone the ability to capture the correct subject.

You can, however, initiate the autofocus option by using the lock options given in the Canon camera to deal with this difficulty. You have to half-press the shutter button to use the lock option correctly. However, you have to press the AE Lock button before you capture the picture, which will stop the autofocus option from adjusting the focus on the subject. As soon as the button restarts, autofocusing will restart. When you capture the picture, the exposure will be set on the subject.

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How does the AE/AF lock function?

The AE/AF Lock mode starts when you half-press the shutter button on the Canon Flip Screen DSLR Rebel T6/1300D. But you should hold the AE lock button if you wish to continue with the autofocus function, even in AI Servo mode. In the event that your subject shifts and stops now and then, this is perfect. Thus, when you are about to capture the picture, the exposure will be set.

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